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Update Your References Week

Update Your Reference Week!

The first week of May is International Update Your References Week! References can either make or break your potential job offer. I can’t tell you the number of people that think that they have the game down but make the most common mistakes when dealing with their references. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know exactly how many you need, who makes good ones (It isn’t always who you think) or if you should list “References Available Upon Request” on your resume? Of course, you do!

Career Directors International provides some excellent advice from their members who are resume writers, career coaches and other types of career professionals. In fact, they have created a list of reference questions that you need the answers to.

I am excited to see #6 on their list! Did you know that references DO NOT belong on your resume? I see people make this mistake more often than not.  Only give references when an employer requests them and make sure that they are on a separate sheet of paper that match your resume and cover letter. The only exception to this rule is if the employer directly requests you to do otherwise.

Speaking of…Did you know that adding the statement “References Available Upon Request” on your resume is also unnecessary and out of date? Obviously, if an employer asks for references you are going to provide them. Another great piece of information that made the list.

Take a few minutes and make sure that you have all the right answers to your questions by accessing this  list at // and don’t forget to update your references this week!

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