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Unlock Your IT Career Potential with Career Services

At MyComputerCareer, we don't just offer you training; we champion your IT career dreams. Regardless of where you stand in your IT journey, we've got your back!

Dedicated to lighting the path for our learners, we take pride in our steadfast commitment to seeing them shine in their IT roles. With a vast network of industry partnerships and corporations, we’ve constructed a bridge for our students and alumni to sail effortlessly into a world of promising IT opportunities. Our ever-expanding connections ensure that you’re always one step closer to your ideal IT role.

For Students

Your Launchpad to Success

From day one, when you join our community, your career advancement becomes our mission. Our comprehensive program not only equips you with sought-after IT certifications but also pairs you with our Career Services team for tailored guidance.
Stellar Resume & Cover Letter Crafting
Unveil your unique story! Let us assist you in designing a resume and cover letter that not only stands out but also magnifies your strengths and aspirations.
Interview Masterclass
First impressions aren’t just made; they’re crafted. Elevate your interview game, showcasing a blend of talent, preparedness, and unwavering confidence.
Career Discovery & Navigation
Not just any career, but the career tailored for you. Delve into identifying the perfect career path and discover strategies to conquer the job market.
Employment Matchmaking
Armed with your new certifications? Great! We bridge the gap between your skills and potential employers, ensuring you’re seen and valued.

For Alumni

A Lifetime Commitment

Your growth journey doesn’t end once you graduate. With an ever-evolving IT industry, there’s always more to learn and achieve. As you climb up, we walk alongside, offering sustained support at every curve.
Continuous Skill Evolution
Never stop growing. With our cutting-edge training bootcamps and courses, keep abreast of technological trends and enhance your professional toolkit..
Bespoke Career Guidance
The journey doesn’t end at one destination. Our dedicated Alumni Services stand by you, guiding your steps, be it a career shift or further education.
Targeted Job Placement
Eyeing a career transition? We’ve got your back. Our expertise lies in identifying roles tailored to you and facilitating connections with premier employers.

For Employers

Streamlined IT Recruitment

We understand that hiring the right talent can be a complex endeavor. Make your recruitment journey simpler and cost-effective with our reservoir of trained IT professionals.
Diverse Talent Pool
Access a varied range of IT expertise.
Cost-Effective Recruitment
Minimize hiring expenses with our free staffing support.
Partner Perks
Why collaborate with us? Our employer partners enjoy: 
  • A continual stream of refined resume referrals.
  • Flexibility with Virtual or On-Campus Interviews.
  • Exclusive invitations to career fairs, information sessions, and campus events.
  • Engaging Advisory Board panel discussions.
  • A state-of-the-art applicant tracking platform for seamless student connections.
  • Dedicated business consultation for optimal hiring solutions.
Engage with Our Team

Ready to take the next step? 

Connect at
For a swift collaboration, please provide detailed information about your interest. Your aspirations are our priority; expect a response within 2 business days and potential opportunities presented to our students in 5 business days or less.