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Career Services

Our lifetime employment services help you land your dream job no matter where you are on your career path!

Get Job Assistance with Career Services

We are passionate about preparing our students for rewarding careers with opportunity to grow. To better position students and graduates for success, our team of placement professionals have created a network of companies actively seeking employees with the skills and certifications taught at MyComputerCareer. Each day, they’re meeting with new companies to continue to expand our network and provide additional opportunities for our students and alumni.

Our I.T. Career Services

We can help you develop the skills.

From the time you enroll in a program at MyComputerCareer, we get to work at helping you find your ideal job. Not only do you receive comprehensive training and education to earn in-demand IT certifications, you’ll also receive individualized assistance from our Career Services team.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing

    Discover how to craft a resume that stands out from the competition and highlights your abilities.
  • Interview Coaching

    Make an excellent first impression with employers by displaying your skills and confidence.
  • Career Search Assistance

    Learn which career path is right for you and how to navigate the job market and find the right opportunity.
  • Career Placement

    Once you receive your first certifications, we begin connecting you with employers who are looking for people with your new skill set.

Our Career Services isn’t just for current students or new graduates. We offer lifetime career advancement support, at no additional cost, because we understand that as you develop new skills and gain experience, you may outgrow your first IT job. If that happens, we’ll be here to help get to where you want to be!

  • On-Going Training

    Learn new skills and stay up-to-date on the latest technology with our training bootcamps and refresher courses.
  • Career Counseling

    Our Alumni Services team will guide you in your next step, whether it’s a new career or continuing education.
  • Employment Placement

    If you’re ready for a change, we’ll help you determine what jobs are best fits for you and connect you with employers.

Start your new life today!

Are you ready to be one of the thousands of graduates thriving in I.T. careers across the country? Take your first step toward this exciting future and talk with an education advisor today!

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