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Benefits To Your IT Career When You Have A Certification

Many IT jobs require certifications to get a job in the first place. Even more, IT professionals have additional IT certifications. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits for both IT professionals and their employers when they have an IT certification. Some of these benefits include being able to stand out from your competition easier with credentials, getting better-paying promotions faster by having a certificate, holding onto a job longer due to having a certification, and more.

You should know that there are many different IT certifications available depending on what kind of things you want to specialize in or work on. With MyComputerCareer, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that IT certifications can offer to your career. We provide training for both introductory and advanced certifications in Information Technology that will ensure you’ll be well on your way. With such certifications from reputable organizations such as Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Linux, and EC-Council, you will become a true asset and indispensable specialist for any organization in today’s highly digitized business environment.

This article will focus on the benefits that having one or more of these certifications can bring to your career.

Building Your Professional Credibility and Standing Ahead of the Competition

One of the biggest benefits that IT certifications will provide to your career is the credibility that comes with them. When a candidate earns a certificate, it is a clear indication that they have the skills and knowledge required to do the job. As such, IT certifications can help candidates stand out from their competition by showing that they are qualified and knowledgeable in their field. This can be especially beneficial when applying for jobs as it will give you a leg up on other self-taught applicants who may not have any certification at all.

In addition, many employers prefer to hire certified employees as it gives them peace of mind knowing that their staff is competent in the latest technologies. Having an IT certification also proves that you are willing to invest in your career development and shows your dedication to learning new things.

Earning More Right From The Start

On average, IT certified professionals earn 8 percent more than their non-certified counterparts. This is regardless of whether they are just starting out or have some years of experience. The same principle applies to raises. In 2020, IT salary increases were about 6 percent on average. The global average IT wage of $85,115 implies an average salary increase of around $5,000 for the typical IT professional. Some individuals, on the other hand, saw far larger raises.

What this stands to show is that IT certifications are a great way to start your career on the right foot. This is especially beneficial for those starting their careers late or are changing jobs. It can also help you get promoted faster as well.

Certifications Can Help You Get Promoted Faster

In some cases, IT certification can lead to promotions in half the time it normally takes. This means that if you were to stay with your current company for five years, you could potentially get a promotion within two and a half years instead of waiting the full five years. And this is all without mentioning that many companies actively seek out IT certified professionals when it’s time to promote someone into a managerial role.

Better Job Security

Similarly, an IT certificate can also help you find better job security. If your current company is downsizing, IT certification can help put your mind at ease that another company (should one seek to hire you) will be more than happy to take on someone with IT skills and experience. Cybersecurity specialists, for example, are in especially high demand, and IT certifications are one way to get your foot in the door.

What’s more, IT certification can also protect you from layoffs should they ever come about at your current company. Companies take IT security very seriously. For this reason, having an IT certificate is a great way to help ensure you’ll be able to stay afloat in the IT industry.

IT certifications are also a great way to keep up with the latest industry trends and technologies. With the speed at which the Information Technology industry is evolving, a flourishing IT career often implies a constant need to learn new skills, adapt to the changes made in IT, and improve your knowledge. IT certifications can help you keep up with all of this by forcing you to think critically about IT issues that are too broad for one person’s expertise alone.

In addition, you will also be able to broaden your field of expertise by pursuing new IT Certifications. This is especially the case if you have an IT career that has been stagnant for some time or are simply not as satisfied with your current work environment and feel it’s time to move on.


An IT certificate is one of the best ways for IT professionals to boost their career prospects and demonstrate how serious they are about their IT careers. On top of that, IT professionals can also use their certifications as a stepping stone to earning higher-paid positions with more responsibilities.

For both IT professionals and their employers, IT certifications can make a world of difference. IT professionals can use the skills and knowledge they learned from their certifications to solve real-world business problems. At the same time, employers can be reassured that their IT staff is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest IT trends and technologies.

In short, IT certifications are a valuable asset for any IT professional or employer. So if you’re looking to improve your career prospects—or looking for ways to make sure your team is staying ahead of the curve—an IT certification is a step in the right direction! MyComputerCareer has you covered, whether you’re looking to enter the industry, are looking to advance, or are considering a career change in other fields like Networking or Cybersecurity, for example. Our IT certification preparedness programs will ensure that you will make the most out of the benefits that certs have to offer. For more information, contact us immediately.

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