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How To Get An IT Certification

Are you looking for IT certification? IT certifications can be a great way to increase your IT knowledge and will likely lead to better job opportunities. The need for Information Technology professionals has never been higher, and IT certifications are a great way to show that you have the knowledge and skills necessary for IT positions. With such high demand for certified professionals, job security, promotion opportunities, high salaries, and other similar career benefits are sure to follow.

However, earning an IT certification is not as easy as it may seem. Various steps need to be taken to achieve a certificate in Information Technology successfully. Fortunately, MyComputerCareer is an educational organization specifically focused on helping its students prepare for top IT certifications from reputable organizations such as Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Linux, or the EC-Council.

This article will go over the steps needed to earn an IT certification and what it takes to maintain one. It will help you with all you need if you’re trying to get certified.

Assess Your Current Knowledge

The first step in getting an IT certification is to assess your current IT knowledge. The candidate needs to determine their IT skills before going any further with earning an IT certification. A person’s level of expertise is measured by passing one or more exams that show they can perform tasks related to a specific job role within Information Technology (IT). They must select from different levels such as entry-level, associate, professional, or expert depending on their position and desired career path.

The most common IT certifications are offered through third-party organizations like CompTIA, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft, which issue industry-leading credentials. IT candidates should research the best IT certifications that fit their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Choose a Certification

The second step is to choose an IT certification. Many IT certifications are available today, so it is important to choose one that fits your career path and desired job role within IT. Depending on your current level of expertise and the career path you’d want to go down on, there are IT certifications for everyone.

Some of the most popular entry-level IT certifications include CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). These are excellent for those looking to get their foot through the door in Information Technology. The associate-level IT certifications are a step up from the entry-level certs and usually require hands-on experience as well as passing an exam.

Prepare For the Exam

This is probably the most difficult part of getting an IT certification. Although most entry-level certifications don’t usually need prerequisites such as experience or existing education, more advanced ones might have more complex criteria. Make sure you’ll be able to take the test for the certification you’ve chosen if it’s available.

The study phase is where most IT candidates struggle and give up. It is very important to set a study schedule and stick to it if you want to pass the exam on your first try. There are many different ways to prepare for their IT certification exams. Here are a couple of options available to you:

  • Self Study: If you are self-motivated, buy IT study materials and study independently. Another good idea is using practice tests along the way. Practice tests help identify weak areas and allow IT candidates to focus their studies and improve in those areas. Various online tools can be used to prepare for IT exams.
  • Professional Coaching and Training: This is another good option; if you’re unsure where to start or need some guidance. Enroll in an IT coaching course to help prepare for the certification exam. MyComputerCareer is an Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). This accredited educational institution offers specialized training for those looking to enter the IT industry and those advancing their career.

Whichever option you choose, you should also make sure that you leave yourself enough time for study. If you already have a job or a family, or both, IT exams can be a real challenge. IT certifications require a lot of time and effort, so make sure you have all the necessary resources available to study before taking the exam.

Register and Take the Exam

Once IT candidates have chosen an IT certification and prepared for the exam, they must register with a testing center or take their chances on-site. Depending on your IT certifications, you may be able to schedule it online.

IT exams are computerized tests that measure specific competencies related to a given IT job role in Information Technology (IT). These can range from entry-level IT credentials such as CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Fundamentals up to professional level certs like EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), which requires some years of experience working within the cybersecurity sector before being considered eligible.

Most IT exams consist of multiple-choice questions, where four possible answers follow each question. To pass most IT certifications, you’ll have to score at least 70% correct on either the performance-based questions (for example: performing an action within Windows) or multiple-choice sections, which makes it easy to fail if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are some exceptions though, CompTIA A+ has 90 minutes allocated for each 90 question test. If your IT certification requires practical knowledge instead of testing theoretical concepts, make sure that all your equipment works properly when going into the exam.

In order to take the IT certification test, show up with a valid form of identification like your driver’s license or passport. Most testing centers also require that you pay for the exam in full before taking it. An IT certification exam can range anywhere from $80 to $600+. If you’re retaking the IT certification exam, you might be able to get a discount, or it could cost the same amount as your first IT certification. Once IT candidates pass their IT certifications, they must remember that these are valid for only three years. Then they must recertify with another IT exam based on industry standards.


These steps will help IT candidates know how to get IT certifications. The first step is evaluating what you know and don’t know. Then, decide on an IT certification, prepare for the exam, register and schedule it, take it with practice tests along the way, or professional coaching/training courses if necessary. Also, leave enough time before taking the IT exams while registering and paying in full. IT exams are computerized tests that measure specific competencies related to a given IT job role in the industry.

Together with MyComputerCareer, you will not only get access to some of the best IT certification training and preparedness on the market but also Career Placement Services and Financial Aid opportunities. For more information on IT certification preparedness, contact us at your earliest convenience!

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