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A Successful Transition From a Military Career

A Successful Transition From a Military Career – Here is the Four Secret Steps!

A military career can be a fulfilling experience. It can teach a person a lot about the world, themselves, human nature, as well as the importance of self-reliance. But like with every large-scale change, transitioning from a life in the military to that of a civilian can be a scary and stressful process. 

Such a sizable change most often fails veterans, as they are left without a secure income to lean on and forces them to, in a sense, take a leap of faith. But, many service members choose to focus more on their retirement ceremony than what they’ll do immediately after. The common misconception is that they won’t have any difficulty in finding a job, granted their military experience and a college degree. 

But as most will come to realize, this is rarely the case. Anyone looking for a job in the 21st century can attest to the fact that this is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Even with a college degree, things can be complicated, and one million students that are defaulting on their debts each year can attest to this. There are, however, certain things that you can do to streamline your transition to civilian life. 

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STOP – Sit, Think, Observe, and Plan

Like we said, transitioning from a military to a civilian career can be a stressful time, filled with anxiety and even panic attacks. In times such as these, it’s always good to STOP (Sit, Think, Observe, and Plan.) Granted, this is an exercise usually used in life-or-death situations, but it works here as well.  

When you’re heading out into the civilian world, take a moment to visualize your options, do your research, and formulate a plan that you can stick to over the long-term. Being flexible in these circumstances is a good thing, but you still need structure and a plan to follow. 

Start Networking

Having good relationships is an excellent way of stumbling upon opportunities. As most of us know, nothing accomplishes in a vacuum, and more often than not, the good jobs develop through relationships. Start with veterans that have already made the transition to the civilian world. Get to know them and ask about their transition story.  


Touching upon the point above, it’s also important to evaluate yourself and identify what gaps you have in your professional network as well as your skill set. When it comes to networking, in particular, you need to find someone that can put you in contact with a hiring manager.  

The next step is to see just how hireable you are. Meet with as many recruiters and employment managers and get as much feedback from them as possible. It’s a good idea to base your career path on feedback and use it as a catalyst for continuous self-improvement. Feedback is the breakfast of champions, after all.  

Don’t Ignore Certifications

When a company posts a job opening, they immediately are bombarded by hundreds of resumes. To raise your chances of being hired, you need to have the right skills and the certifications to prove it. Not only that, but certifications represent your commitment and determination, making you a safer and more reliable choice in the eyes of the employer. 

If you want to get started on a career path, then Information Technology (IT) is probably your safest bet. As one of the fastest growing industries out there, the demand for skilled workers far outweighs those who have the necessary skills. There are roughly one million unfilled IT positions in the US, alone. 

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