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March 24, 2020

MyComputerCareer is transitioning all of our Veteran students at all of our campus locations to an online teaching methodology through our Live Online campus by close of business tomorrow. The Houston, Arlington and Indianapolis campuses will be transitioned by the end of today, while both the Charlotte and the Raleigh campus will be completely transitioned by the end of tomorrow.

As of close of business tomorrow night, all of our ground campuses will be temporarily closed in order to comply with state and local orders to stay at home.  Not every market had this requirement, but the decision was made that this was the best course of action for all locations for the safety of our students and campus employees.  

We are thankful that we have the ability and flexibility to easily make this change for the health and safety of our MyComputerCareer communities. Each of our employees will be helping their respective campuses through this transition, as well as offering continued support to help you reach the very goals that you originally set out to conquer. 

As our students transition to the Live Online campus, it is even more important to keep the line of communication open. We are here to help you! Questions regarding any of this information should be directed to your Campus Director or you can send an email to

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