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Why You Should Get Certified

Why You Should Get Certified in IT

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Information Technology (IT) is the fastest growing industry on the market. If in 2014, the total expenditure in IT was at $2.081 trillion, that figure is expected to surpass $2.461 trillion in 2019. That’s a nearly $400 billion increase in five years. Very few markets, if any, are rising as fast as IT.

For someone looking to invest their time and energy in a career but don’t know where exactly to start, IT is a wise choice. The main reason for this is the market’s growth speed and widespread use, reaching most aspects of today’s world. To put this into perspective, venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and managing director of Sierra Ventures, Tim Guleri, notes that operating in a growing market is one of the most important characteristics for a startup’s long-term success. The same applies to a person’s career plans. 

With MyComputerCareer as your tutor, you will be able to take full advantage of what IT certifications can bring to your career. So, do not hesitate and contact us today!

Getting certified in IT is an excellent step for entering this market as a professional. IT certifications will, not only, demonstrate your technical knowledge, but also your motivation and that you care enough about it to spend the necessary time and resources to get certified. So, what are the exact reasons you should get certified in IT?

Credibility and Validation

Earning one or more certificates, mainly when they are from the same vendor, will immediately raise your professional credibility. Statistics indicate that obtaining a certificate will enhance professional credibility by 95.4%, the feeling of personal accomplishment by 98%, and own confidence in one’s abilities by 88.2%.

Also, certifications were shown to validate specialized knowledge by 97.9%, indicate the attainment of a practice standard by 94.4%, and provide evidence of accountability by 87.4%. It’s unsurprising, then, why so many companies actively encourage their employees to earn these certifications, in the first place. 

Better Job Opportunities

It is not impossible to make it in the IT world without a relevant college degree or IT certification. There is a sizable number of people in IT jobs that are self-taught. The main reason for this is that there’s also a considerable shortage of qualified personnel in the industry – close to a million It has pushed many businesses to look past degrees and hire only based on skill. 

There are, however, several problems with being self-taught. For starters, it takes years of practice to teach yourself these skills – something which many don’t have. Most that are self-taught started in their early teens while playing on their computer after school. An IT certification, on the other hand, is earned in only several months, instead of years.

Second, if you have something meaningful to put down in your resume, it will put you ahead of someone who doesn’t. And when you couple that with the credibility and validation that IT certificates bring, nine times out of 10, there isn’t any real debate as to who will end up on top. 

Job Retention and Promotion

When the economy begins to show signs of volatility, something which happens regularly in a capitalist environment, the first thing that most businesses do is to cut costs. It is when having one or more IT certificates come in handy. They show your skills, as well as your determination – benefiting both you and your employer. When it comes to promotions or getting a better-paying job, there is no better way than to get the next-level certifications in your area of expertise. 

Meaningful Contacts

Once you earn one or more certifications from a specific vendor, you’ll also have the opportunity to come in contact with skilled professionals that have connections to the IT world. And not only can they help you in dealing with various technical issues that may arise at work, but they can also help you find employment, in the first place. 

With MyComputerCareer as your tutor, you will be able to take full advantage of what IT certifications can bring to your career. So, do not hesitate and contact us today!

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