Financial Assistance Resources

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

This bill would provide paid sick leave and free coronavirus testing, expand food assistance and unemployment benefits, and require additional protections for healthcare workers. It has passed the House and Senate and is awaiting the president’s signature. Some states, cities, and counties already have paid sick leave laws.

Ally Bank Customers

  • Existing auto loan customers: No payments due for up to 120 days. No late fees; interest will still accrue.
  • New auto loan customers: Defer the first payment for up to 90 days.
  • Mortgage customers: No payments due for up to 120 days. No late fees; interest will still accrue.
  • Banking customers: No fees for expedited checks or debit cards. No overdraft fees. More than the usual six-monthly savings account transactions will be allowed.
  • Customers must contact Ally Bank to activate these relief options.

U.S. Small Business Administration

  • Program name: Economic Injury Disaster Loans
  • Type of assistance: Low-interest loan
  • Minimum qualifications: Small business, small agricultural cooperative, or private nonprofit organization in a declared disaster area


  • Program name: Facebook Small Business Grants
  • Type of assistance: Cash grant and ad credits
  • Minimum qualifications: Small business
  • Program not yet operational; more details of this $100 million program to come

Air Force Aid Assistance

  • Program name: Air Force Aid Society
  • Type of assistance: No-interest loans and/or grants
  • Minimum qualifications: Air Force, Airmen, and families


  • Program name: Amazon Relief Fund
  • Type of assistance: Up to two weeks of pay to all employees diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed into quarantine
  • Minimum qualifications: Amazon delivery drivers and seasonal employees

Amazon is also hiring 100,000 new full and part-time fulfillment centers and delivery positions across the United States. Regular pay of at least $15/hour will be increased by $2/hour.

American Guild of Musical Artists

  • Program name: American Guild of Musical Artists Relief Fund
  • Type of assistance: Financial assistance for rent, utilities, mental health, and medical care; as well as other basic living expenses
  • Minimum qualifications: Any AGMA member in good standing or on honorable withdrawal

Army Emergency Relief

  • Program name: Army Emergency Relief
  • Type of assistance: No-interest loan
  • Minimum qualifications: Active duty soldiers, their eligible family members, and more


  • Program name: The Artists Safety Net
  • Type of assistance: Grant
  • Minimum qualifications: Established artists working in a craft discipline who are infected with COVID-19 and require intensive medical care

The Clara Abbott Foundation

  • Program name: COVID-19 Financial Support
  • Type of assistance: Grant
  • Minimum qualifications: Certain current and former Abbott employees

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

  • Program name: Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
  • Type of assistance: Loans of up to $6,000 for loss of pay by a spouse; child care needs due to school closures; and costs while quarantined, such as lodging and food
  • Minimum qualifications: Member of the Coast Guard community, including active-duty members, reserve members, and immediate family members


  • Program name: COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program
  • Type of assistance: Up to two weeks’ worth of average weekly earnings
  • Minimum qualifications: Diagnosed with COVID-19 or put under quarantine individually by a public health agency; active on the DoorDash platform for at least 60 days and have completed at least 30 deliveries in the last 30 days.
  • Program name: COVID-19 Merchant Financial Assistance
  • Type of assistance: Commission relief and marketing support
  • Minimum qualifications: DoorDash partner, independent restaurant

Equal Sound

  • Program name: Corona Relief Fund
  • Type of assistance: Cash
  • Minimum qualifications: Musician who has lost income due to a canceled gig as a result of COVID-19

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants

  • Program name: Emergency Grants
  • Type of assistance: Grants of $500 to $2,500
  • Minimum qualifications: Artists living and working in the United States with committed performance or exhibition opportunities

The Goalie Guild

  • Program name: COVID-19 Financial Aid
  • Type of assistance: Emergency funds
  • Minimum qualifications: Hockey goalie trainers, coaches, players, parents, and families

Inspire Brands

  • Type of assistance: Catastrophic paid leave
  • Minimum qualifications: Corporate team members of Arby’s, Jimmy John’s, Sonic, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Rusty Taco


  • Program name: Extended Pay
  • Type of assistance: Up to 14 days of pay for any part-time employee or full-service shopper who is diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed in mandatory isolation or quarantine, as directed by a local, state, or public health authority
  • Minimum qualifications: Part-time employees and full-service shoppers


  • Type of assistance: Funds based on Lyft rides provided over the last four weeks
  • Minimum qualifications: Drivers diagnosed with COVID-19 or put under individual quarantine by a public health agency

Major League Baseball

  • Type of assistance: TBD ($30 million program)
  • Minimum qualifications: Part-time and seasonal Major League Baseball ballpark employees

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

  • Program name: Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
  • Type of assistance: No-interest loans and/or grants
  • Minimum qualifications: Active duty or retired Sailors and Marines, eligible family members with military ID card, surviving spouses, reservists on active duty of 30 days or more

One Fair Wage

  • Program name: Emergency Coronavirus Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund
  • Type of assistance: Cash
  • Minimum qualifications: Restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers, and more


  • Program name: Postmates Fleet Relief Fund, Coronavirus
  • Type of assistance: Company health savings account contribution
  • Minimum qualifications: Fleet members who have completed at least one delivery in the last 14 days and have a Starship HSA

The Recording Academy and MusiCares

  • Program name: MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund
  • Type of assistance: Grants up to $1,000
  • Minimum qualifications: Music industry professionals who have had booked work canceled and have worked in the industry at least five years or have at least six commercially released recordings or music videos

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

  • Program name: RWCF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund
  • Type of assistance: Cash
  • Minimum qualifications: Individual workers facing economic hardships or health crises as a direct result of COVID-19; businesses that will need help reopening once the crisis is over


  • Type of assistance: Catastrophe pay. At the end of 14 days, if partners are still unable to return to work, they may be eligible for additional pay replacement up to a maximum of 26 weeks.
  • Minimum qualifications: Any employee who has been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 or comes in close prolonged contact with someone in their store or household who has; partners experiencing symptoms; those who may need to take extra precautions, such as those 60 years or older or who have underlying health conditions.


  • Type of assistance: Quarantine and confirmed illness pay, 100% of pay for up to 14 days; free back-up family care
  • Minimum qualifications: Target team member


  • Program name: Coronavirus financial assistance
  • Type of assistance: Financial assistance for up to 14 days based on average daily earnings over the last six months
  • Minimum qualifications: Uber driver or delivery person who has made a trip using Uber platform in the 30 days before March 6, 2020; diagnosed with COVID-19 or are personally placed in quarantine by a public health authority

USBG National Charity Foundation

  • Program name: Bartender Emergency Assistance Program
  • Type of assistance: Grant
  • Minimum qualifications: Bartender or the spouse or child of a bartender


  • Program name: Walmart Associates in Critical Need Trust
  • Type of assistance: Grant
  • Minimum qualifications: Walmart associate
  • Type of assistance: Missed pay
  • Minimum qualifications: Workers with COVID-19 or who are under mandatory quarantine

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