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4 tech jobs in demand

4 Tech Jobs That Will Always Be in Demand

Information Technology has changed the job market a lot over the past few decades. It is responsible for creating entirely new occupations, redefining old ones or replacing them altogether. In doing so, it set in motion the digital transformation of companies in almost any industry, from finance to healthcare.

But as demand for a tech-proficient workforce outgrew available capacities, the IT industry turned to emerging tech innovation to combat the lack of human resources. So now, some jobs created via previous changes are becoming redundant and obsolete thanks to the recent developments of the IoT, automation and machine learning.

However, not all jobs are under threat and will always be relevant because they rely on human skill to make those IT innovations possible. To give you a better understanding, here are four tech jobs that will continue to be in demand in the future.

#1 Data Scientist

Data scientists rely on different technical skills to analyze and interpret vast volumes of complex data to identify trends that can help a business optimize performance and make better decisions. Their mixture of business and computer skills makes them indispensable for any company.

And when it comes to the future, the demand for data scientists will grow as they become more relevant IT, but also banking and finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, and research and development.

#2 Network Administrators

The main task of network admins is to manage, upgrade, service, and maintain the functionality of any hardware or software to ensure an organization’s entire systems network is operational.

Without someone to monitor its network, an organization is at risk of losing its connection to LAN, WAN, intranets and the Internet. For most digital companies this would mean a stop to all communications and most of their operations.

At the moment, network admins are turning into high-valued professionals since companies are slowly starting to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate their workflows. As more business relies on IoT, the role of the Network Administrator will only gain even more significance.

#3 Cloud Engineer

What is already a sought-after job, cloud engineering will just continue to be in high demand as more businesses move towards cloud-based computing.

Cloud engineers are mainly responsible for creating, managing, operating and maintaining the cloud infrastructure. As these IT professionals manage both hardware and software in the cloud system, their future role will certainly involve scaling the cloud architecture to meet the growing storage demands regardless of the types of cloud services the company is using.

#4 Information Security Analysts

Cybercrime is the number one threat to business in the digital age. A recent report warns companies about the dangers of cyber attacks, as the expected annual cost to businesses will on average reach $6 trillion until 2021.

As more business moves online, information security analysts are forming the main line of defense and data protection against the online criminal activity. Cybersecurity experts are already in high demand, but as attacks on business become more sophisticated the need for more professionals is likely to increase.

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