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From Veteran to Civilian Life: 5 Tips for an Easier Transition

From Veteran to Civilian Life: 5 Tips for an Easier Transition

Adjusting to life after a career in the armed services can be difficult. The transition has a unique set of obstacles you don’t think about when on duty. But as your discharge papers come through, and you officially become a civilian once again, life presents you with many challenges for a successful re-entry into normal society.

But if a career in the military has taught you anything, it’s to adapt to any situation and face problems head-on. To give you some additional backup and support, here are five tips that make the transition easier.

#1 Allow Time to Focus on Change

Adapting mentally to your new life is the biggest concern for veterans. You used to have your day planned out for you and stayed emotionally detached from yourself and in relationships. But if you want to function in the society that has to change over time.

So, look inwards and focus as much time on your psychological well-being, as you do on your physical health. The military used to take care of your needs, but civilian life requires you to take care of yourself.

#2 Stay in Contact with Other Vets

No one understands better what you went through during your service, or what you are going through right now better than another veteran. Even when you’re far away from members of your company, stay in touch with them. Catching up will help you talk to someone with whom you share a deep bond.

You might also want to connect with other veterans in your area. It gives you someone to share stories with, talk things over, get useful advice or spend time with a person who won’t judge you.

#3 Stick to a Routine

Discipline is the one thing all veterans share regardless of their rank and branch in the military. It’s an advantage citizen have to work for each day. And one way the military instills discipline is through routines.

Creating one at home and sticking to it gets you back into that comfort zone. For example, if you had a regular workout routine while on duty, start exercising at the local gym with someone you know. If you used to eat meals at a specific time, maintain that arrangement. Seems simple enough, but it helps you create a familiar environment.

#4 Spend Time with Friends and Family

If you served overseas, spend as much time as possible re-connecting to family and friends. Despite the long periods of separation, people closest to you are the ones who love you the most which can be a confidence boost you need.

Spending time with loved ones is also a painless way to re-discover civilian life and what it offers. Plus, it might open you to possibilities regarding your career.

#5 Focus on Your Career

One of the biggest challenges all veterans face is finding a job. But, it’s not as difficult as you might think. All it requires is a change in thinking.

For example, a staff sergeant might be a good fit for a managerial role that requires strong leadership skills. On the other hand, a career in IT might be more suitable if you had advanced software training.

Even when you feel you have nothing to offer, maintain focus to find opportunities that can land you a career.

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