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14 of the Highest Paying IT Jobs

It’s no secret that information technology (IT) is a lucrative field. IT jobs are always in demand and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for positions in this field are expected to grow steadily through 2026 (the BLS calculates job outlooks every 10 years, the last calculation was done in 2016.)

But what do the highest paying IT jobs actually pay? And how much can you expect to make?

We have 14 of the highest paying jobs in the field, with the average salary for each position in the US (Salary information is from PayScale.) The salary you can expect will vary based on your location, experience, and education level.

14 of the Highest Paying IT Jobs

Before we get started, it’s important to know that you don’t need a degree for all of these jobs. According to the BLS, 26% of IT workers in the US don’t have a bachelor’s degree. While plenty of companies look for higher education in their hiring process, more and more employers are looking for people with experience and professional certifications.

Now, on to the jobs!

1. Software Architect – $121,462

Software architect is one of the highest paying IT jobs because the job is  extremely important and very in-demand right now. Software architects develop software systems and applications and help their development teams choose tools, platforms, and coding standards for projects. Development projects include software tailored to a clients’ specifications and products for consumers, like games or desktop apps.

2. Network Architect – $118,335

Network architects are in charge of designing and maintaining computer systems and networks for their organization(s). This position does not always require a college degree, making it one of the highest paying IT jobs you can get with experience and professional certifications alone.

3. Information Technology (IT) Director – $115,732

As an IT Director, you’ll be responsible for maintaining computer systems for your company. Typical duties include determining user needs, developing budgets, scheduling upgrades, providing users with guidance, and training staff.

4. Program Manager, IT – $111,309

This position balances managerial work and technical skill. As the manager, you’ll be responsible for directing a team of IT specialists. Duties may include meetings with those you manage, general supervision of the IT department, and collaboration with other departments.

5. Information Security Manager – $110,606

Information security managers are tasked with maintaining security standards throughout their companies. This includes creating strategies to increase network and internet security related to different projects.

6. Systems Architect – $108,053

Systems architects are responsible for the overall design of their company’s technology system, platform, or program. Their main goal is to provide leadership and ensure best practices are created and followed when systems are created.

7. Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) – $86,082

Like project managers in other fields, IT project managers plan IT projects and ensure that they are on-track through every stage of the process.

8. Information Technology (IT) Manager – $85,826

The most important duty of the IT manager is supervising their company’s computer infrastructure. They typically oversee teams that manage network technology, IT security, and the software platforms used by their company.

9. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – $79,536

Although it sounds like an oxymoron, certified ethical hacker (CEH) is a very real, in-demand job. CEHs helps companies find their security vulnerabilities by attempting to hack into their systems. Ethical hackers have proficient knowledge of various operating systems and hacking techniques.

10. Information Technology (IT) Consultant – $76,630

IT consultants advise clients on how to use IT in order to meet their business objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible. They should be able to build and improve their clients’ IT structure, as well as have the ability to analyze and solve various IT problems.

11. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – $75,000

Cisco Certified Network Associates manage local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) that use Cisco routers and switches.

12. Computer Systems Analyst – $67,629

Computer systems analysts figure out how to use computer technology to streamline and automate a company’s processes to help them achieve their goals.

13. Data Security Analyst – $63,875

Data security analysts study the way a business stores data, the security programs that protect it, and how the data is accessed and by whom. Analysts use this information to make recommendations to IT managers and security teams within the company to help mitigate data security risks. This is another high paying IT job that doesn’t always require a four-year degree. Many employers seek out analysts with experience and certifications over candidates with impressive degrees.

14. Systems Administrator – $60,851

System administrators, also called sysadmins, ensure their organization’s computer systems are well maintained and reliable by performing systems and security maintenance, handling backup procedures and helping set up, maintain and delete user accounts as required.

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