Sebastian Seidlitz


Current Job Title

Network Administrator

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Jobs Before MyCC

Uber / Lyft Driver

Salary Before MyCC


Short Bio

I had been in the US for a little over three years selling retail. My job became stagnant and I wanted more.

The program at MyComputerCareer is incredible. In just seven months, I became an IT professional without any prior experience. In a few years, I’ll easily break the $100,000 salary mark. It’s easy to say this investment changed my entire life. Besides income, I have better hours, a much higher level of recognition and there is SO much room for future growth.

Career Services is for LIFE! They’re very passionate about finding the perfect fit for your careeer!!

Sebastian's Career Path

Before MyComputerCareer
Uber/Lyft Driver
While Studying
Technical Support Specialist
After Graduating
Network Administrator