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Visible Signs It’s Time for a Career Change

We all want to have meaningful careers. Jobs that align with our professional goals make a difference in the world. Even though it sounds unrealistic, people do achieve these things in their jobs. All you need to do is follow your passions, and work toward achieving your goals.

That doesn’t mean changing your career is going to be easy as searching for a job is frustrating. But, do you know what’s even more difficult? Staying at a job that you hate and which makes you feel miserable. If you want to know to see if it’s time to change your career, these four tell-tale signs can help you decide.

  1. When You Feel Sunday-Night Dread

When Sundays feel like Mondays, and you start experiencing high levels of anxiety at the end of the week, your body is telling you: it’s time to change jobs. People who experience the dread of Sunday night commonly suffer from muscle tension, exhaustion, headaches, and aching limbs.

It might seem harmless, but pains like these are the physical manifestation of the stress you experience during the week, and how your body prepares for the week ahead. A clear warning sign it’s time to switch careers.

  1. When You Lose Purpose at Work

A fulfilling career is a high confidence boost. But, when it’s not satisfying any longer, it’s time for a change. There is no real reason to remain at a job that makes you feel bad about yourself and lowers your self-worth.

When you start losing confidence in the job, doubt creeps in. It makes you question business decisions, and you undervalue the work you perform. No amount of money or job perks can turn things around. Instead, weigh your options, and evaluate your alternatives.

  1. When You’re in It for the Money

Having enough money to live a comfortable life is a crucial factor when choosing a job. But when money is the purpose to remain at your post, it’s a clear sign to move on.

What you earn doesn’t define you as a person – how much you love your work does. If you find yourself in a situation when you feel burnout, and all you are looking forward to is your next paycheck; remember; No amount of cash can make up for working at a job you detest. Despite what you might think, there is a career out there which can provide you with both.

  1. When You’re Bored at Work

The work you do should be fascinating and push your limits. It’s what drives you out of bed each morning. Of course, every job has tasks that are irritating to do, but it should also have challenges that raise your energy and have you love your work.

However, when you struggle to get out of bed to go to the office or find yourself continually looking at the clock to mark the end of your shift, you are bored with your job, workplace, and choices. When work doesn’t challenge you mentally or professionally, ask yourself – if you could leave your position right now and start a new career – would you?

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