Top 5 Most In-Demand Job

Top 5 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs Today

In today’s evermore digitized environment, companies, big and small, are doing whatever they can to attract high tech talent. While for some, this implies getting a head start on filling in most of their in-demand roles, others are looking to expand their business and looking to fill in their data-related and or security-focused positions.

And with emerging technologies acting as catalysts for more tech-based jobs, even the more traditional businesses start to resemble tech organizations. As companies from all areas of the business environment will continue to implement various new technologies as a means of remaining competitive on the market, the number of jobs that are related to the tech industry is only set to rise. In all sectors; health, finance, education, automotive, and everything else in between, no business area is immune to this change.

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Here are the top five in-demand tech jobs today.

Network Analyst

With over 25,000 current Network Analyst job openings in the United States, this is a profession that will only grow in demand in the coming years. And with an average annual salary of over $72,000, this is not a position to overlook if you are seeking a career in Information Technology.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) makes its presence felt across industries, more businesses are investing in their networks, driving the network analyst demand with it. In the coming years, these professionals will combine their skill set with a broader understanding of how to provide and apply real-time information on network traffic, generating more market insights for the business.

Security Analyst

With over 33,500 job listings and an average annual salary of $96,000, there is no denying that cybersecurity is in high demand. With more sophisticated technology making its presence felt, so is cybercrime. What’s more, the role of a security analyst will also evolve, as time goes on, so that will include more data and AI skills as well.

On a similar note, we have Certified Ethical Hackers. Though today there are roughly 750 such job openings on the market, this job post will be in high demand for the next several years.

Data Scientist

Considered by many to be among the best jobs in America, the role of data scientists will continue to dominate the labor market going into 2019, as well. Since almost every company needs to be able to collect third-party data, they also need staff members that can collect, organize, and analyze that information. Currently, there are roughly 32,700 such job openings with an average annual salary of $128,000.

DevOps Engineer

As the need for faster code development and fewer deployment failures is on the rise, more organizations are looking for engineers with DevOps experience. They oversee everything from coding, to scripting, and process development, and often manage IT infrastructure, oversee software testing, and monitor performance post-release. Currently, there are roughly 13,500 such job listings with an average salary of $122,000 per year.

Helpdesk Technicians

Though not as prestigious as the other entries on this list, helpdesk technicians are in high demand, particularly for customer-facing businesses. Generally being the first line of defense for customer service, helpdesk engineers need to have the necessary know-how in both hardware and software to do their job. With over 6,500 listings and over $18 per hour, this is a great place to kick start your IT career.


Do, however, keep in mind that many employers are also on the lookout for the so-called soft skills when looking to hire someone new. These include things such as excellent communication skills, listening, empathy, trust, self-awareness, trust, and emotional regulation.

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