Kaleena Waters

Positioning Ourselves for the Future

“You cannot go back and make a brand new beginning, but you can start now, and make a brand new ending” – Richard Williams

During most of my junior year in college, I volunteered at the local high school as a mentor.  I spent a great deal of time helping prepare students for college life and sitting through development enrichment classes that helped students with everyday life problems they could possibly in their near future.  During one of these enrichment classes we had individuals come in to speak to the students about how they overcame their obstacles.  All the stories were very moving.  The students and I were all ears as each person came up and shared their story.  Yet, there was one story that stood out to me the most.

A man stood up and talked about all the regrets he had in his life and how he wished he could just go back and do it all again.  He went on saying, how he knew for sure, his life would be different than what it was now.  What was so intriguing about this one particular story, although it that sounded very much like the others, was that he was smiling throughout the whole thing. Looking at him you would of never have known about his hardships or regrets, not through all the glee he displayed.  As he kept talking, I realized why he was able to smile through talking of his hardships. A simple, yet popular quote popped into my head, “ You cannot go back and make a brand new beginning, but you can start now, and make a brand new ending” by filmmaker Richard Williams.

The time is now. Our time is now.

When deciding on a career or wanting a career change, it can be an extremely difficult decision.  No matter what stage of life we are currently in, there are obstacles that can possibly alter any possibilities of taking our first steps towards the change that we have always wanted.  Yet, it is important to always think ahead and believe that if we have the courage to just start, and begin to take ownership of getting started, we will then begin to position ourselves for the future.

Getting started can be a profound step in shaping our future career goals. Whether that is simply updating your resume, filling out an application, or even doing research on a promising learning institution that is just right for you. Once we get started, this heightens our chances of finishing and reaching our goals. What better way to position ourselves for the future, than taking that first step towards the finish line? Ultimately, we are all in control.  Every decision we make right now, at this very moment, will have an impact. It takes courage to begin (whatever that beginning may be for you).

Richard Williams also stated “There was a hospital study done on 100 elderly people close to their last breath and each were asked to reflect about their life’s biggest regrets. Nearly everyone stated that they regretted not the things they did, but the things they didn’t do”.  Let’s make the decision to take responsibility of our future.  There is no possible way we can accomplish what we are all destined to do without first starting.

Meet Our Author: Kaleena Waters

Kaleena Waters was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  She attended Florida International University and received her bachelor’s degree in English. After graduating in 2012, Kaleena was presented with an opportunity by her professor to work with AmeriCorps. While working there, Kaleena recognized the importance of community outreach and volunteering, helping high school students reach their fullest potential and preparing them for college readiness. Kaleena now lives in Charlotte, NC where she continues to enjoy helping people with their education and being involved in mentoring youth in the community.

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