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What Skills Are Needed to Get Placed in Software Companies?

If you’re wondering what skills are needed to get placed in software companies, you’ve come to the right place. Some may even surprise you. 

Choosing a career path in one of the many software companies out there is a worthy investment of one’s time. Landing a job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce, or LinkedIn, among many others, will provide you with plenty of employee benefits, a hefty salary, and numerous opportunities for advancement and professional development.

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That said, entry-level job seekers may not necessarily have the skills requirements, the right computer science degree, or experience to get a job at Google or any of the other top software companies. But by earning an IT certificate, applying for jobs in the tech industry and landing a well-paying job will be easier than in most other sectors. And with a bit of experience under their belt, as well as some hard work and determination, every professional can make it to any tech company they wish. 

It’s important to know that the IT sector is not only among the fastest-growing but also the top-paying. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology occupations will see a 12% growth over the coming decade. In 2018, the average annual wage for tech jobs was $86,320, whereas all other occupations were at only $38,640.

Another important statistic to keep in mind is that certified professionals earn, on average, 13.7% more than their non-certified peers, regardless of tech job, position, experience, tech company, or geographical location. Similarly, IT certifications will greatly boost your credibility and validation in the eyes of employers, as well as your sense of self-worth and confidence.

That said, here is a complete set of skills needed to get placed in software companies. 

Technical Skills

The obvious skills requirements to land a job in software companies are technical. As to which hard skills are in most demand, there are several top contenders. But the important thing to know about the tech industry is that the skill gap is enormous across the board. At the current rate of technological development and the digital transformation of most organizations, there is no one sector within IT that isn’t suffering from a lack of qualified workers.

According to the Daily Infographic, there are 17% more job openings than available workers. They also estimate that by 2020, roughly 5 million positions could go unfilled around the world, with 60% of employers have open positions for three months or longer. That said, some of the most in-demand technical skills are in cyber security, networking, systems administration, data engineering, machine learning, software development engineering, and more. While specialized technical knowledge is in higher demand, even Help Desk and Tech Support are needed in most software companies. What’s more, these entry-level positions are perfect launching pads for different career paths in IT. 

Additionally, being skilled in more than one specialization is also a major plus. Job applicants that are certified for, say, a software engineering job will also benefit greatly from an information security certification. With such a need for qualified personnel on the market, knowing how to do more than one thing will greatly smooth the job search process. 

Soft Skills

While applying for jobs in IT will definitely require sound technical knowledge, job seekers shouldn’t ignore their soft skills either. As technology becomes commonplace in most areas of business, having a strong set of skills that are not tech-related will go a long way. In many areas, hybrid jobs are on the rise. These are jobs that use a combination of both hard and soft skills, allowing workers to adapt to today’s working environment. 

In a ManpowerGroup survey of 2,000 employers, over half said that verbal communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and customer service are all top skills they look for in their job applicants. Others even go as far as saying that soft skills, such as adaptability, culture fit, and growth potential play an equally-important part when selecting an employee as do their hard/technical skills, such as programming languages, software testing and debugging, cloud computing, machine learning, data structure and algorithms, writing code, and more.

Even companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have highlighted curiosity and open-mindedness as key indicators for someone’s career potential.  Therefore, strong communication skills, teamwork, decision making, critical thinking, empathy, work ethic, time management, and problem-solving, will add value and hireability to your technical knowledge. 

Career Development and Advancement Skills

Another set of skills needed to get placed in software companies is in regard to career development and advancement. Almost no successful job search, whether it’s in the tech industry or otherwise, is possible without these skills. Many things fall within this category, but probably the most important is interview preparation. Having the required technical knowledge and soft skills is one thing, but getting an interview with the desired company and landing that software engineering job you always wanted is another entirely. 

For this to happen, you will need to start with your social media presence. Know that over 70% of recruiters screen social profiles before making a hire. They use it mostly to corroborate your qualifications, as well as to determine whether you will make a good fit with their team. Pay close attention to your LinkedIn profile, as 85% of recruiters that conduct social media screenings focus mostly on this platform. Another good idea is to build your online personal brand, as it also highlights and corroborates your skills and value. 

Second, you need to focus on how to write a proper resume, learn what to wear during an interview, and how to prepare for interview questions. First impressions count for a lot, so don’t neglect these steps. Do several mock interviews, if needed, so you can be more comfortable during the real deal. Last, but not least, consider networking as an essential tool. Anyone applying for jobs knows how a well-placed connection can be an excellent asset. Did you know that 85% of job placements happen as a direct result of professional connections? Fortunately, you can start networking in the field as early as you’re in school

Together with MyComputerCareer, you can make all of your career dreams happen in only a matter of months. We provide online and on-campus courses, as well as career advice and job placement services to help you on your way. We are also a military-friendly organization that helps veterans transition to civilian life in Information Technology. Contact us today for more information! 

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