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What Does It Take to Be On the Inc. 5000 List?

MyComputerCareer is always grateful to receive awards for the work we do. We love to hear from our students and graduates that our IT certification courses make a real difference in their lives. That’s the biggest reward we can receive. But every once in a while, major media networks also pick up on our achievements and reward us for our hard work. And that’s something worth bragging about.

And this year, MyComputerCareer has made the Inc. 5000 List! We are grateful for the award, and to help you understand what it means to us, and our students – here’s a quick overview of what it takes to be included.

What Is the Inc. 5000 List?

The Inc. 5000 List is an annual company ranking which honors companies for the achievements of their founders. Unlike, the Forbes rich list or the Fortune 500, the list places emphasis on building a successful business from the ground up, and not for only the amount of revenue a company generates.

The list also includes companies from all over the world, which means being on it is an achievement on its own. It’s a testament to hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, patience, and determination to develop and grow a small-to-medium sized business from an idea into a success story. And we’re delighted to have our work acknowledged in this way.

Application Rules

Before you enter the competition, you have to check the guidelines posted on the official Inc. website. Companies eligible for the list need to meet specific criteria:

  •    The company has to establish a base in the United States;
  •    The company has to be privately-owned and independent (not a division or subsidiary of another company);
  •    The company has started earning revenue by March 31 (five years before the application). For example, March 31, 2014, for the list in 2019;
  •    The company revenue was no less than $100,000 (five years before the application). For example, in 2014 for the list in 2019;
  •    The company revenue was no less than $2,000,000 (two years before the application). For example, 2017 for the list in 2019;
  •    The company revenue five years ago exceeds income from two years ago. For example, the company earned more in 2017 than in 2014, for the list in 2019.

If your company complies with these guidelines, you can submit your application by May 1st. Evaluation of the apps are in July, and you receive a notification if you are on the list. The list is then published on the Inc. website in August and is available in print during September.

Finally, you are invited to attend the Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala held in October. Every competitor has an opportunity to listen to various lectures by industry professionals, and network with company leaders who are on the list.

Join Us

Here at MyComputerCareer, we see the inclusion on the list as fuel to drive innovation to provide our students with the highest learning experience. We desire to provide you with the tools and know-how to apply them in practice and reach your goals of a successful career in the IT industry.

Contact us today, if you want to receive a FREE career evaluation and let an Inc. 5000 company help you take your first steps towards an exciting career and a better life.


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