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Time For A Career Change After 17 Years

Before MyComputerCareer, Kelly Holland had been unemployed after working 17+ years, working in the telecom industry. Kelly decided it was finally time for a career change for himself and his family.

Kelly enrolled at MyComputerCareer and began classes in January. He says, “I was excited yet somewhat concerned about balancing school with an unpredictable work schedule and getting off work late.  My instructors were very supportive and understanding of my predicament and always answered my questions that I had about the material.”

“All of the Instructors on campus, all of whom are very knowledgeable and with a considerable amount of experience in the world of IT, always helped me review my work so I was prepared for my certification exams. There were alternate resources available to us as well, apart from the lectures and PowerPoint presentations, that helped me prepare for my exams. They really cared, and treated me as if they had a vested interest in MY success” Kelly says.

During the beginning of Kelly’s training at MyComputerCareer, he had set a goal for himself to earn at least a few of the certifications that the Information Technology Systems Administrator (ITSA) program offered. “With the support and encouragement of my instructors, family, friends, and pushing myself to achieve as much as I could, because of the conditions at my current job, I successfully passed all ten certification exams before the end of classes in October, including achieving World Class IT Professional status” Kelly said.

Kelly continues, “along with the computer training, I also got great feedback on developing my professional resume through Career Services. I prepared with mock interviews and gained numerous contact opportunities through job fairs and individual visits by potential employers who come to campus looking for new people to hire in an ever growing job market.”

“The possibilities are nearly endless. The MyComputerCareer Program was only the beginning for me” – Kelly H.

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