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A Downward Spiral Turned Upright

“MyComputerCareer has had a major positive impact on my life!” 

Channing Collinge enrolled at MyComputerCareer less than six months ago and has already landed his first IT job with TruVista (Communications Provider) as a Service Desk Technician!

Before going to MyComputerCareer, Channing was working at a dead end job. The shifts were long and boring, the turnover rate was high and finding replacements was an agonizing chore. He had always wanted to enter into to some kind of higher education or career training so that he could get out of his current job. Channing was tired of jobs in which he’d show up, given his absolute all, and gotten zero in return for his efforts.

One day his parents texted him a website for a school they had just heard about on the radio.  It was for MyComputerCareer. Channing admitted that he did not have high expectations for the program, but always wanted to attempt to get an CompTIA A+ Certification. He decided to give MyComputerCareer a shot!  So far, Channing has successfully passed his CompTIA A+, Net+ and FOUR additional Microsoft certifications!

Here is what Channing has to say about his experience at MyComputerCareer so far:

How has going to school positively impacted you/your family?

Before MyComputerCareer I was just floating, adrift, with zero direction in life. I had no goals and no aspirations. Since enrolling at MyComputerCareer I’ve been happier, less brooding, and my attitude towards life has changed drastically. I was at a point in my life where I was at a crossroads. If not for MyComputerCareer, my life could have gone into a downward spiral.

What is next for you?

Right now my main goal is to finish out my classes at MyComputerCareer and try to get the three remaining certifications available to me. After that, I’m going to start to get back on my feet again and seek an IT position somewhere north so that I can live closer to family. MyComputerCareer has had a major positive impact on my life!

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