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MyComputerCareer Honors Employees During Annual Awards Celebration

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.” – Jorge Paulo Lemann

MyComputerCareer employees from across the country met virtually on May 18 for the school’s annual meeting and employee award celebration. During the all-company get together, MyCC leadership – including CEO Tony Galati, President Amy Onuska, COO Dan Pryor, and CMO Bruce Ackerman – provided information and updates on key initiatives for the organization. More importantly, the time was also spent recognizing just a few MyCC’ers who were voted by their peers for going above and beyond in serving students, improving operations, or advancing the school’s mission.

2021 Employees of the year include:

  • Danielle Camp, Career Advisor of the Year
  • Kenneth Graves, Ground Campus Admissions Advisor of the Year
  • Garrick Dawson, Remote Admissions Advisor of the Year
  • Jamie Lee, Financial Planner of the Year
  • Laura Martinez, Financial Counselor of the Year
  • Ashley Paden, Alumni Services Coordinator of the Year
  • James Atria, Instructor of the Year
  • Ray Downing, Certification Leader of the Year
  • Hunter Black, Instructor/Mentor of the Year
  • Helen Pasca, Career Services Specialist of the Year
  • Andrea Hicks, Financial Analyst of the Year

MyCC also honored employees who have significantly impacted the entire organization and the lives of those around them. 

2021 Impact Award Winners include:

  • Sean Giberson, Campus Director, Nellis Air ForceBase
  • Ashley Peters, Sr. Office Administrator 

The school also recognized employees who exemplified MyCC’s core values of Ethics, Excellence, Love and Customer First.

2021 Core Values Award Winners include:

  • Terrance Robinson, Lead Instructor
  • Chad Stell, Sr. Dir. of Training and Contact Center 

“Collectively, we spend as much time as possible improving and enhancing the student experience at MyCC to help ensure we’re truly changing their lives,” Galati said. “While that is our true north, taking the time to appreciate and celebrate our employees who make all of this possible is equally important. We don’t take for granted the sweat equity our employee family puts into this organization and we’re very pleased to honor them today, and every day.” 

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