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Local businesses are as much part of their community as the people who live in them. But if the two are to co-exist and benefit from one another, they must support each other. When times are good, and when times are bad.

MyComputerCareer is lucky in that sense. Our headquarters are located in Holly Springs, and we feel a solid connection with our community. As a business, we try to do the best we can to help out the people in the community as much as we can through charitable work and donations.

Recently, we took another swing at helping our community, when we sponsored the Golf4Deb Event. It was an excellent opportunity to take part in the event which had a hopeful message, close to everyone in the Holly Springs community. And because it’s such a great story, we’d like to share it with you.

What is Golf4Deb?

Golf4Deb is a sponsorship event that took place on November 5th at the Devil’s Ridge Golf Club in Holly Springs, North Carolina. MyComputerCareer along with over twenty other national and local businesses and the entire community of Holly took part in the event to raise money for Debbie Harasti and her trials against breast cancer.

Unfortunately for Debbie, cancer metastasized, and earlier in 2018 she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in her abdomen. This event aimed to raise money for medication that will help Debbie, her husband Joe, and their family in the trials ahead. Not to mention, as a crucial way to raise awareness about breast cancer in our local community.

As valued members of the community, both Debbie and Joe have given so much to the community through their work. Debbie is the owner of the Little Dreamer’s pre-school, and Joe as the member of the Holly Springs Fire Department.

It was our privilege to help out these kind-hearted people and in some way give back a fraction of what they have given to the community throughout their lives.

How MyComputerCareer Participated in the Event?

As one of the leading educational centers in the Holly Springs community, our company sponsored the 8th hole of the tournament. We also took part and volunteered in the main event.

Our four-person strong golf team included Darren Nelson (Executive Director of Compliance), Matt Mosley (VP of Online Operations), and Craig Smith and Mark Ticich as members of our community. The team was able to put their best foot forward, and after the final strokes at the 18th hole, finished with a solid score of 6 under par. Not bad for some computer science guys!

Additionally, a lot of our staff in North Carolina also took part. As volunteers, they helped organize the event and made sure everyone had a good time during the ”FUN”draiser.

How Can You Help?

Although we continue to support the Harasti family, more support will be much appreciated. And if you want to help these lovely people, you can. Go directly to Deb’s fundraising page, and help in any way you can.

As one of our many charitable activities, MyComputerCareer will continue to help out valued members of local communities like Debbie, and provide an exceptional educational experience that helps people every day. Please contact us if you want to find out how you can get involved in our programs.  


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