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Is The CCNA Certification Worth It

Is The CCNA Certification Worth It?

It is no surprise that Cisco dominates the networking world. Cisco has been one of the leading companies for decades regarding routing, switching, and other network-related technologies. Cisco also offers a certification called Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

It’s a Cisco-sponsored certification for network engineers covering security, switching technologies, and routing protocols. The CCNA credential is intended to boost, enhance, and assess an individual’s networking expertise.

The certification validates the holder’s ability to install, maintain, secure, operate, and troubleshoot networks in an organizational setting. The Cisco CCNA certification equips IT professionals with a comprehensive grasp of networking fundamentals. It allows networking professionals to stay up-to-date on their current abilities and understanding. It will assist the certification holder in gaining career advancement, promotions, and new employment opportunities with higher pay rates.

The CCNA certification will be worth it in terms of money earned, job opportunities available to obtain with this credential, but it is not easy! As part of their cybersecurity specialist program, MyComputerCareer also offers CCNA certification training. Contact us today for more information!

The Benefits of CCNA Certification

Cisco certified network associates are professionals who can manage Cisco equipment, troubleshoot issues with Cisco hardware and software, and configure Cisco networks. The many benefits that make the CCNA Certification worth it includes improving your skills and expanding the range of careers you’re qualified for.

You will enhance your skills with Cisco networking as well, which will help you in your profession. You may use this understanding to master the complex concepts of monitoring and correcting a network outage. You will grasp the fundamentals of networking after you pass the CCNA exam.

A single CCNA credential may assist you in gaining access to many career opportunities. You can earn and negotiate a higher salary than other IT personnel applying for the same position once you’ve passed the CCNA exam.

Today’s networking environment is changing dramatically. SDN (Software-defined networking) and cloud are two new technologies that are creating a stir. These technologies have revolutionized the networking sector by introducing a variety of job responsibilities. As a result, the CCNA certification enables you to fill in the void created by these changes in your field.

What Are The Job Roles and Salary Prospects For The CCNA-Certified?

Cisco certified professionals are always in high demand because Cisco systems and Cisco-related technologies have become the industry standard. You can apply for different specialist roles such as information technology management, information technology director, systems engineer, network administrator, system administrator, senior system engineer, network security engineer, cyber security analyst, senior systems engineer, and information technology specialist after completing the CCNA certification.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification validates a user’s knowledge and skills in network administration. This degree typically earns individuals $80,000 per year in salary.

Many employees are seeking Cisco-certified specialists because they have displayed considerable expertise with Cisco routers and switches. A majority of the Fortune 500 companies use Cisco networking equipment.

According to, average annual salaries for professionals with the CCNA certificate, as of September 2021, indicate the following:

Position Salary (average US):

  • IT support specialist – Over $53,000
  • Network specialist – Over $64,000
  • Network administrator – Over $69,000
  • Network engineer – Over $85,000
  • Senior network engineer – Over $116,000

Here are some of the top cities for people with CCNA certification:

  • San Jose: $94,500
  • Washington D.C.: $75,500
  • New York City: $75,000
  • Chicago: $72,500
  • Houston: $72,000
  • Dallas: $71,500
  • Atlanta: $68,500

Who Should Earn the CCNA Certification?

Cisco certifications are designed for Cisco professionals at any level. Cisco has created the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification to be relevant for individuals looking to make a career in networking. The CCNA is also an excellent starting point if you’re interested in transitioning into IT from another field or additional training to compliment your current job role. Cisco certifications are industry-recognized credentials that can help open doors to more opportunities.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is the perfect step into Cisco networking technology and will provide a foundation for additional Cisco certs, including CCNP and CCDP tracks.

There is no need for a specific credential before you can pass the CCNA exam, so you don’t have to undertake any preliminary tests to do so. However, it’s recommended that you have a basic understanding of networking before beginning the CCNA certification course. If you have some IT knowledge and want to enter the network field as a professional, you should consider Cisco certifications.

What’s Included in the CCNA Certification?

Cisco created the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification to provide a benchmark for an entry-level network professional. Cisco’s CCNA program validates understanding of installation, troubleshooting, and support in small routed environments with Cisco devices. Cisco’s standard curriculum consists of two exams covering networking concepts, installation/troubleshooting skills, Cisco routing, and switching.

The CCNA certification covers a wide range of subjects crucial for networking experts. This Cisco certification discusses the fundamentals of networking, IP connectivity, and other IP services (DHCP, DNS, SNMP, FTP, etc.), as well as security fundamentals and automation and programmability.

Is the CCNA Certification Worth It?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the most sought-after and highly compensated certifications available. The network foundation of a company’s IT infrastructure is the focus of the CCNA examination. The CCNA certification is a Cisco-centric course that covers essential networking and device operations skills and fundamental concepts such as protocols and addressing.

The last benefit of the credential is that it includes up-to-date and sophisticated network technologies like Automation and programmability. CCNA certified experts acquire the ability to install and configure Cisco routers and switches. The CCNA certification also enables experts to understand Cisco’s enterprise network architectures, design functions in the LAN/WAN (local area networks/wide area networks), implement IP addressing schemes, and troubleshoot between end devices and data-link technologies.

Cisco’s reputation in the sector is one of the most important benefits of obtaining the CCNA credential. Cisco is constantly enhancing its services and products. Its popularity and market share are also growing over time. Employers value Cisco credentials highly when hiring individuals for networking job responsibilities. If you include this certificate on your resume, it will have a positive impression. Aside from this, the Cisco CCNA certification will enable you to do the following tasks:

  • Demonstrate your technical understanding of network fundamentals, IP services, and network security.
  • Demonstrates your hands-on learning activities
  • Secure greater job prospects and higher pay rates.
  • Assume control over your career without fear.

How To Prepare For The CCNA Certification

Although Cisco exams are not easy, there is no need to worry about having the suitable Cisco CCNA Certification Training. Many Cisco courses provide all of the knowledge and resources needed for passing the exam on your first attempt without any hassle.

There are several methods to prepare for the CCNA exam:

Self-study: Self-study, including books, videos, study guides, and practice questions, is one approach to prepare for the CCNA certification.

Instructor-led Training: You may take instructor-led CCNA online or on-campus training to prepare for the CCNA certification exam, or you can learn from networking professionals directly. The instructor-led course allows you to grasp all ideas in depth.

MyComputerCareer offers certification programs that include CCNA exams as well. Reach out to us if you’re interested in getting CCNA-certified and advancing your I.T. career. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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