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From Fast Food to IT Professional

Robin Matthews worked with Chick-Fil-A as a Manager for years. However, he had always had an interest in working with computers but had been afraid to take the plunge to start a computer career. After discovering his wife was pregnant, it gave him the courage he needed to enroll at MyComputerCareer after hearing our radio ad.

Robin has always had a positive attitude toward his education and immediately went above and beyond to complete all components needed so that he could start the interview process with our IT employer partners. Before graduating, he had interviewed with at least 10 different companies. His confidence soared and he mastered the interview process!

Robin came to campus with his wife and new born baby to inform us that he was hired with Spectrum and was to start next month as an Enterprise Technical Specialist! His wife said that she cried when she found out that he got the job! Robin now makes much more than his managerial position and is elated that he took a chance on MyComputerCareer.

Here is what Robin had to say about his journey:

“Before MyComputerCareer I was barely getting by financially. I’ve always been unsatisfied with food service and wanted something more.

Graduation from MyComputerCareer has given me more confidence. It’s really been a huge boost. The training has shown me that I can do more than just food service. I am smart enough to do more than just greet customers and sell food.”

We are so excited for Robin as he embarks on this new journey in IT!

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