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MyComputerCareer HR Team Named “HR Team of the Year” in 2024 Merit Awards

MyComputerCareer, an online and in-campus technical college, today announced its human resources team earned “Team of the Year” in the 2024 Merit Awards for Human Resources. The team received the gold designation for its focus on streamlining organizational processes and

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From Home Education to Home Office: Leveraging Homeschooling for Success in Remote Tech Careers 

As we navigate this digital era, the concept of remote work continues to redefine the

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Guide to Military-Focused IT Training: From Service to Success 

From Boots to Bytes: Charting a New Course  Upon returning to civilian life, veterans often

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Cybersecurity Standard: CWP and ITSA Programs for 8570 Compliance 

The Department of Defense Directive 8570 (DoD 8570) compliance is the benchmark for validating that

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Untapped Potential: Homeschooling’s Gateway to Remote IT Proficiency 

The homeschooling approach has seen an impressive transformation, transcending beyond its initial perception of an

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The White House’s Pioneering Approach to Cybersecurity Talent

The employment sector is undergoing a paradigm shift, influenced by rapid technological advancements and evolving

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Diverse Career Opportunities for High School Graduates Beyond College 

As high school graduates step into the realm of adulthood, the pressure to pursue a

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Military Skills and IT Success: CWP and ITSA Programs Unveiled 

With technology playing a key role in almost every aspect of our lives, individuals with

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Empowering Homeschoolers: Navigating IT Pathways for Success 

For adult learners and professionals seeking new career horizons, exploring alternative paths to traditional education

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High School Leadership: Empowering Future Workforce with IT Opportunities 

High school is a crucial period in a student’s life where they begin to shape

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The Myth of the 24/7 IT Professional: Changing the Narrative

IT professionals are often perceived as the knights of the digital realm, equipped with caffeinated

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