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income does not automatically equate to wealth

Why Your Income Doesn't Automatically Equate to Wealth

Probably the biggest letdown of our educational system is that there is no financial literacy program. Knowing how to manage one’s finances is a critical aspect of a person’s life, helping them out from early adulthood throughout their retirement. Such a skill is as invaluable, if not more so than pretty much anything else thought in school. 

The United States is plagued by debt and reckless spending. 40% of Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency expense while 40% of borrowers are expected to default on their student loans by 2023. That’s equal to one million people defaulting per year. And while the average person is not entirely responsible for this situation, their financial behavior may have a part to play. 

Income Doesn’t Equate to Wealth

In most parts of the U.S., we define wealth by how much people spend. We seldom see others’ bank accounts, but we can see their cars, expensive clothes, vacations, or jewelry. This spending behavior is ingrained into our culture, probably more than in other parts of the developed world.

What’s more, many of us equate wealth with income. But at the end of the day, the salary is just a number, and if it’s not managed correctly, it will disappear in a blink of an eye. Differently put, it’s not how much money you make but how much money you manage to keep.

More money will not solve a person’s financial problems. In some cases, it can even exacerbate them. We’ve all heard the stories of famous movie stars, athletes, or lottery winners who made millions overnight but went broke a couple of years later. People tend to boost their spending the moment their income increases. It can leave people in a worse financial situation than before. 

Unfortunately, while many of us are taught how to make money by studying, getting a job, and working hard, very few of us are taught how to manage it effectively. 

How MyComputerCareer Can Help With Your Financial Stability

Even though reckless spending is a problem facing many Americans today, investing in one’s education is not such an example. That said, it’s essential for students not to end up defaulting on their debt. 

MyComputerCareer is an organization that provides training and certification preparation for people looking to either enter or advance their career in Information Technology (IT). These certificates are from leading organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, CompTIA, and EC-Council. We also help our students with their job placement by assisting in terms of resume and cover letter writing, networking, and interview skills. 

MyComputerCareer also offers financial assistance to those looking to take part in our program. The Admissions Director and Financial Aid Specialists will work together with you to find any available resources for which you may qualify and create a funding package that will fit our needs and budget. 

Through MyComputerCareer, you will have access to Federal Financial Aid, as well as PELL Grants, low-interest Stafford loans, and Parent Plus loans. You may also qualify for state and federal assistance under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act or the GI Bill and Veterans Administration programs. Your cost of enrollment will be determined together with the Admissions Director, after carefully evaluating all of your training needs, career goals, and financing options. 

As for those who don’t qualify for any of the public funding programs mentioned above, MyComputerCareer maintains strong relationships with private lenders that offer attractive student loan terms. For more information on our programs and financing options, feel free to contact us directly

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