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From Back-Breaking to Never Backing Down

From Back-Break Labor to Systems Technician – Meet Sharod!

Recent MyComputerCareer Graduate, Sharod Wainwright, has conquered what he set out to do when he first enrolled into the program.  During his time with MyComputerCareer, Sharod had a lot of life situations thrown his way and actually had to take a break from our program earlier this year. Regardless of what came his way, his attitude was always hard-working, honest – a strong individual, that wanted to change his life. His hope was to get out of the back-breaking labor job he had been for most of his career and support his family with a job that would be better for himself long term.

“Your small support could help accomplish a big dream”

Shannon Rivers, his Career Services Director and his instructor, David Berryman, played a huge part in Sharod’s success! The skills he learned in the classroom and through professional development showed him how to not only showcase his knowledge, but feel confident enough to do so. Sharod said that “the support both of them gave him was just the push he needed to move forward towards his dream.”

A little help and belief in a student goes a long way and his recent achievement showcases that! David Berryman kept encouraging Sharod to complete the program, while Shannon shared any and all resources she had.

Utilizing these two experts, Sharod’s first contact with me was to let me know that he had an interview with an amazing company and that it would be a dream job to have. A few days later (after going over interview etiquette, feedback and thank you letters) I was contacted and sent this amazing email from Sharod that he sent to his instructor David Berryman:

I just saw in my email that I was given a job offer at Midwest Eye Consultants as a Systems Technician. I applied for this job a while back and interviewed for it earlier today before class and just saw the email offering me the job. I couldn’t think of anyone else to tell right now but you Dave. I am so excited and thrilled that I can’t sleep. I appreciate you guys at MyCC so much and credit you all for my life changing as I type this. I can quit (back breaking) Pepsi!!! No offense, cause I know you love that stuff lol. I go to a 3 day training in Wabash, Indiana from May 21st to the 24th. So I can learn their system. I credit everything to you guys. I know it’s late and I wish I would of been there when I found this out but I had to tell you. Thanks Dave and MyCC. Love you guys.” – Sharod Wainwright

We are so thrilled for Sharod as he starts this new chapter of his life in a career he always wanted to have!

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Taylor Nichols was born in Lafayette, IN and grew up right around the corner from Purdue University. In May of 2013 and coincidentally the day after she graduated college, Taylor moved to Indianapolis and started her first day on MyComputerCareer’s Indianapolis Campus as an Office Administrator. After a year of professional growth and honing her skills, she was moved to the Columbus, OH branch to assist there and a year after that she was promoted and asked to help start a remote Career Services team located at the leadership office in Holly Springs, NC. It has been three years since she moved to the beautiful town of Holly Springs and Taylor could not be happier. Family and friends are whats most important to her as well as her two cats. 

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