MyComputerCareer Testimonials

Hear what our students say about their experience.

With the help of my instructors at MyCC I can finally say I’ve found my passion and I’m never looking back.
Akilah Blake
“The campus is full of helpful and friendly staff that are all eager to help you throughout your education journey and even after graduation. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort, MyCC is a great way to get certifications and get into the industry fast, no matter what level of prior experience you have. The instructors know what they’re talking about and are more than willing to set you up with online or on-campus tutors, or bootcamps whenever you need it.”
Selena Marie Perez
Going to school has positively impacted my family because we know we don’t have to struggle week to week anymore. It has given us peace of mind and a feeling that life is going to get even better now.
Candice Kiser
I didn't have much knowledge of computers and had never worked in IT. With the help of this program at MyCC I can now provide for my family and myself.
Tiffany Dietzen
“My decision to enroll was made in 2019 while working at Amazon as a fulfilment associate. At Amazon, I discovered the IT industry was taking on another dimension in the next decade to become lucrative and attractive for earning financial security toward a better life. Interested in computer networking, I made a life-changing decision to switch from Accounting to the ITSA program at MyCC. I wanted to transform my passion for system administration into a lifetime career.”
Alphonso Jallah
Thank you MyCC for your professionalism, courtesy, and the complete understanding of a students’ needs throughout this course. You have truly making a difference in changing students? lives with the transition into the IT profession.
Anthony Randle
“Everything is in place for you to succeed, you just have to show the dedication and drive to go the distance. The support staff will find you an IT job and they will continue to make sure you are with the right IT job that best fits your skills and your resume.”
Michael Graham
I felt that the quality of training would be far superior to other schools. I also loved the enthusiasm and support that MyCC gives all of its students, especially with the Career Services side.
Lee Carter
I recommend MyCC to everyone who asks me about what I am doing and thinking about wanting a change in their lives. MyCC was the best decision I made for my career to advance myself and open new doors for me.
Jacob Cates
Going to MYCC has given me hope. It has allowed me to not only grow my knowledge, but it also allowed me to network with other veterans and civilians from all walks of life. I made friendships there that will last a lifetime.
John Garner
My computer career has given me the skills and confidence to make my dreams a reality.
Akilah Blake
It has made my anxiety of what I was going to do for a career completely disappear. I am finally in a job and field that I love and I can start making those steps to save for my future. Let’s face it, we all want to retire one day but you have to have money in order to do so.
Lee Carter