why bad reviews are good sometimes

Why Bad Reviews Are Good Too.

Working through my job, day in and day out, I have been both privileged and saddened by online reviews. I know, confusing, right? I feel blessed. Every day our team gets to review and respond to the reviews that our students, graduates and staff write about us online. Most of the time, they are AWESOME. I read about lives being changed, certifications being passed, job offers accepted, accompanied with genuine positivity about MyComputerCareer. I will say it again, I feel blessed.

You are probably asking yourself, well Jenny, what about the ‘bad reviews’ or the complaints that you have to read? When I first took this position, negative feedback was the worst part of my job. It made me sad to see that there are people that have negative things to say about a company that I see doing so much good.  I even have had moments of anger, when someone would write something, that just wasn’t true or wasn’t how the situation really unraveled at all.

But Here is the Thing I Have learned

Unfavorable reviews, feedback or even complaints are only as bad as a company allows them to be. Nothing is ever 100% positive to every single person that interacts with it. Take kittens for example. Who could possibly dislike or have anything negative to say about kittens? Guess what? The kitten haters are out there! All joking aside, even when you look at top-rated non-profit organizations like ‘Make A Wish’, ‘YMCA’ or ‘UNICEF’, they have negative reviews too. For every suggestion, piece of feedback or complaint, as an organization, we have a choice. We can choose to ignore the feedback, we can get defensive and pretend that we are perfect OR we can take the feedback and continue to make this educational institution the best that it can be, while trying to do the right things right. We choose the latter.

I have worked for multiple organizations that didn’t care about feedback. Not only did they not care, they also did nothing about it and it was never discussed. Did you know at MyComputerCareer that there is a committee of leadership members that meet every single week to speak about the student, graduate and staff experience? All feedback we have received is reviewed, brainstorming happens and solutions are created. The CEO makes it a priority to be at each and every one of these meetings. That is how important each person is to him…amazing, right?

Our CEO, Tony Galati, has taught me a lot of things, but one thing that stands out, is that we can always do better, we can actively listen and we can turn problems into solutions. What a beautiful way to start and end each day. He has taught me that we shouldn’t get mad at someone for giving less than glowing feedback, but that we can take it, evaluate their individual circumstance and if needed, create a meaningful solution, making MyComputerCareer a better place for our students and staff.

Here is where it gets even better!  The CEO has given full access to email him with their raving reviews or their individual concerns. If you want to give your feedback, some virtual high-fives or just shout from the rooftops about how much you love MyCC, you can email the CEO at deartony@mycomputercareer.edu. The best part about it is, he actually answers them.  What do you have to lose? And if you have nothing to write him about, you can always tell him that his Public Relations team is ROCKING it, especially Jenny. By the way, my name is Jenny, nice to meet you.

Meet Our Author: Jenny Nichols

Jenny Nichols is the Executive Director of Public Relations for MyComputerCareer and lives in Holly Springs, NC. She holds an advanced degree in Higher Education and Student Development, as well as National Certifications for resume writing, editing, career-coaching, and facilitating career development. She is happy to discuss any feedback or answer any questions about this content. Jenny Nichols can be reached at jennyn@mycomputercareer.edu.

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