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Why a Personal Brand is Mandatory for Career Advancement

Building a brand will get you a long way in advancing your career and getting introduced to all sorts of opportunities. More importantly, however, you don’t need to be famous to cultivate your brand. Most companies today expect that new hires should have public profiles. It’s in your best interest to use them in the most effective way possible. Such a personal approach needs to be bold and more targeted, able to attract and hold people’s attention.  

How to Create a Personal Brand?

For your branding to be successful, you need to use all that digital media has to offer. Your blog or website, granted you have one, should showcase who you are and what you do. The content you post needs to be current and fresh. Similarly, you should always link to your social media presence

On social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you should let people know your place of work, availability, and abilities. Remember that each social media outlet can provide you with ample opportunities for networking. 

What Are the Steps of Creating and Sustaining a Successful Personal Brand?

Several steps can help you build and maintain your brand across your digital presence. These are as follows:

  • Identify your Capabilities – Many of us let our job titles do all the talking. And while the title does imply specific talents that we may possess, they don’t paint a clear picture – not for the people watching, nor for ourselves. Labeling yourself as a freelancer or IT specialist, for instance, will not help you or others know what you’re particularly good at. But by taking the time to analyze and list your capabilities, many more opportunities will present themselves. It helps by facilitating a more targeted approach. 
  • Claim these Capabilities and Accomplishments – We, typically, tend to downplay our accomplishments, either by being too humble or by including others in their achievement. And while modesty is, generally, a good quality, it will not do us any favors here. A bit of bragging is allowed in this scenario. 
  • Reciprocal Endorsements – To further solidify your claims, you should partner up with a friend and have them praise your work while you return the favor. Even if the bias may be evident, this support will help both of you propel yourselves forward. LinkedIn has this feature built into their platform
  • What’s Your Message? – Everybody needs a motto or a message that highlights what you believe in and what you stand for. Do you find yourself repeating a phrase or quote on occasion? That could be your message. Keep in mind that what you say and repeat is what others see of you. 
  • Brand Your Future, Not Your Past – Personal branding is all about what matters to you and what’s the future vision of yourself. Don’t focus on what you have been in the past. 
  • Focus on Quality over Quantity – The content you post on your social channels should reflect what matters most to you. Some make the mistake of posting anything and everything that only touches on their industry, values, or interests. It’s far better to post less frequently but focus on the quality of the posts, rather than doing it just for the sake of posting. These posts need to be a genuine reflection of who you are and what you stand for. 

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