What All IT Students Should Reconsider on Their Resume

What All IT Students Should Reconsider on Their Resume

You have read all the blogs about how to get a job in IT. You know how to format a resume that will pass the ATS. You know that your resume font says a lot about you. You are a student graduating in the IT field, and you are ready to get a job.

You have sent out your first batch of resumes, but you have heard nothing in return. You double-check your resume to make sure it includes the impressive list of technologies that you have learned over the last four years. 

Have you ever considered that you may not be getting interviews because of what you decided to include on your resume? Here are some things that you should reconsider keeping on this critical document.

Remove outdated skills

Sure it is nice to show a future employer that you have been interested in IT since you were an infant. But do you really need to include old, outdated skills on your resume that people no longer use?

Your resume must include the keywords and phrases that a hiring manager would search for today. Including outdated references to technology will make you look like a dinosaur. Instead, you want to highlight that you are a student who is learning the newest and most significant innovations in the field. 

Get rid of the laundry lists

As a student, you may have had access to the most high-tech programs, modern computer languages, and technical pieces of hardware in existence. Some savvy students may feel that including a laundry list of these items will enable their resume to be discovered by applicant tracking systems. 

It is a mistake to write entirely for ATS. A hiring manager may find your resume based on keywords, but he or she may not choose to interview you after reading the actual text of your resume.

Write about the experience you had utilizing specific technologies. As concisely as possible, write about the projects you have completed with a computer language. Write about how you had access to particular pieces of hardware during your internship. 

Finally, if you have more experience with one type of technology over another, it should take up more space on your resume.

A deal with a handshake over a desk with papers.

Stop speaking in generalities

Maybe the last time you made a direct sale you were wearing a high school band uniform and carrying a box of chocolate bars. But when you write your resume, you need to think about how you will sell your services to your future employer.

Take a lesson from the salespeople. Look at a sample resume from a top-notch sales professional and look at how the writer utilizes data. Mimic this when writing your resume.

For example, use real numbers to discuss how much more efficient your company became during your internship by using your program. Focus on tangible results. 

Don’t put too many technical terms

If you are applying for a specific job, learn about the hiring manager before sending in your resume. Perhaps you are applying to be a technical consultant for a small business. If this is the case, you may need to tailor your resume so someone who doesn’t have a degree in computer science will still understand.

You still will want to include your technical expertise, but at the same time look for keywords and phrases utilized in the job description. Make sure your knowledge connects with the real-life applications that your future employer is seeking.

Get rid of your salary requirement

It is not a good idea to include a salary requirement on any resume. This is especially true for IT jobs. Glassdoor reports that an entry-level IT salary is between $37,000 and $82,000. Why sell yourself short by listing a salary requirement that is too low? 

Reconsider writing your own resume

As an IT student, you know that you have the technical skills to create your own resume. You understand that your resume needs to pass ATS checks. Of course, you also understand how to format your resume as well.

As an IT student, you may or may not have sufficient writing skills to complete this task. Instead of trying to describe your knowledge and experience yourself, why not hire a professional to do the job?
Reach out to a professional resume writer who has experience writing for the IT industry. These writers not only know what skills are essential to highlight on a resume, but they also know how to communicate effectively as well.

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