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Rory Lee

On Set with Military Makeover - Meet Rory Lee

Behind every great TV show is an army of people; “the crew” as they call it in the TV production world. The crew consists of key people: you have your director, your producer, your camera guys, the lighting people, the production assistants and the person with truly the magic touch… the makeup artist. How else do you think the on-air talent stays looking in tip-top shape? Did you really think it was all just good genetics?

Meet Rory Lee. The women behind the brush and a woman with her very own make-up line. Rory is the on-set makeup artist for Military Makeover. MyComputerCareer joined forces with Military Makeover on Lifetime to surprise a Gold Star Army Veteran’s family with a complete home transformation. What an incredible experience this was to truly give back to someone who has served our country by giving them a complete home makeover. Through this process, our team got to work side by side with the Military Makeover “crew”.

Everyone wears makeup on-air in television. Seriously, everyone. The work of a makeup artist on a film or television show is not limited to glam-ing up the leading lady or turning a walk-on actor into a apocalyptic zombie, the job is also necessary to counteract the negative effects of intensely bright production lighting. Without makeup, on-screen talent would appear pale, washed out, and with facial expressions that could be hard to make out. Like most creative and skilled trades, makeup in film and television production is a field that requires constant and continued re-education. Each time you have mastered a particular technique or found your go-to product, someone has innovated a newer, better version. Lucky for us, we got to see first-hand what goes into making everyone camera-ready.

About Rory Lee

“Rory Lee is an international makeup artist and the CEO of MakeupByRory, Inc.—a global company of freelance hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists. Rory’s love of fashion and entertainment coupled with her strong corporate leadership skill has resulted in coordination of diversified assignments that ensure a seamless production. She started in the freelance Cosmetics Industry working in the bridal business and from there it quickly spread into fashion shows, commercials, pageants, music videos, magazines and feature films…Rory’s multi-faceted production work experience has served TV networks such as: ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, PBS, MTV, BET & Lifetime. She has also worked with NFL films for Super Bowl and The Miami Heat. Her work can be seen in various parts of the world including: the United States & Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Italy, Nigeria, Kuwait, India, Bulgaria, Mexico, and South America. Rory works well under pressure in demanding and time-sensitive environments. She provides experience working in professionally diverse, multi-ethnic environments. She is creative with new opportunities and adapts quickly. ”


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About Military Makeover®

Military Makeover puts on a special mini-series dedicated to giving back to members of our Military and their loved ones. Enlisting the help of decorators, designers, landscapers and other home renovation experts, providers help to transform the homes – and the lives – of military families across the country.

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