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How to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt?

The internet has become an inherent part of our lives. We look for entertainment online, talk to our friends online, and even do our shopping online. So why wouldn’t we take advantage of the internet for our job hunt, too? Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in the employment process over recent years, both for employers and job seekers.

So how does one use social media to their advantage during a job search? How important is it to polish your online persona, and how do you reach out to a prospective employer? What exactly is the link between social media and job search success? MyComputerCareer shows you how social media sites can be used to gain favor with a potential employer. We understand that landing a job requires having in-demand skills and proper job market navigation, especially in the online world. We aim to offer both to our students. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, reach out to us. These are our social media tips. 

Manage Your Online Presence

Everything you post to your social profiles is a piece of the puzzle that is your online persona. Perfecting the image of yourself that you release into the world could do wonders for your career development. Even the little things, such as using your real name on your profiles could go a long way. Keep in mind that we’re not only talking about LinkedIn here – LinkedIn is a network created for professionals, so of course, most people will seem professional there. While you absolutely should keep your Linkedin profile up to date, it is your online presence on other social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, that will tell hiring managers a lot about who you are outside of work.

So how do you improve your overall appearance on social media sites? Start by filtering through your photos. You probably don’t want your future boss to see pictures of you getting blackout drunk back in college. Although no one will judge you for wanting to unwind on the weekends, that isn’t necessarily the first impression you want to leave. Secondly, you will want to check out the information you included in your “About” sections. Controversial political, religious, or other beliefs, even if added sarcastically or jokingly, could deter a recruiter from calling you in for an interview. Lastly, you will want to delete any potentially controversial posts you’ve made back in the day. We’ve all witnessed celebrities such as Kevin Hart or Kim Kardashian experience backlash because of what they tweeted. Depending on how long you’ve been active on a social network, this process could take a while. But trust us – it is worth it.

Highlighting Your Skills

Aside from getting rid of all the bad stuff, your social media account can help you make the good stuff known. Don’t hesitate to share any professional achievements on your profile, be it a project you just finished, a professional course you’ve attended, or any other event that could paint you in the best possible light. Think of polishing your social media presence as resume writing – because that is exactly what it is. More and more recruiters use social media as another way of getting to know their potential future employees better. Although including social media in your job application, with the exception of LinkedIn, seems unprofessional, don’t doubt that recruiters will still look you up.

Employers on Social Media

Most companies nowadays have a social media presence. They use it to keep in touch with their existing customers, attract new ones, and announce any important news or changes. Of course, you can always get all the necessary information from a company’s website. However, social media tends to be more immediate, both in the sense of quick and direct communication. Most companies will post job alerts on their profiles, too, so you can have the advantage of being an early applicant. Of course, if you research companies through their online profile, this could also give you a better idea of the work environment and work-life balance, and help you decide whether this is a community you would like to be a part of in the first place.

Networking on Social Networks

Sure, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great platforms to keep in touch with friends and family or to snoop on what your high school classmates are up to now. But they are also an opportunity for you to connect with people who are professionals in your field. This is where LinkedIn really shines. For example, people who have worked with you in the past can vouch for (or “endorse”) the skills and experience you claim to possess, thus telling a potential employer how good you are at what you do. Having connections with and endorsements from other people in your field will show employers that you care about building a successful career. What’s more, letting your professional connections know about what is going on in your career life will make it more likely for them to recommend you to someone who is looking for an employee with your skillset.

Learning from the Experts

This is something that might not directly help you land a job, but will surely be a useful tool in honing your skills. Social network sites allow you to closely follow people related to your industry, be it corporate moguls, financial experts, or other top-notch professionals you could learn from. Reading about their success stories and learning about what it took them to get to where they are will not only motivate you to do better and expect more from yourself, but it will also drive you to hone all your professional skills and grow to become an expert in your field. Read their blogs, subscribe to their weekly newsletter, and try to learn something from everything they post.

Although it may seem unlikely at first glance, social media and job search engines have some things in common – they can both help you get hired. While one allows you to browse jobs, the other one lets you paint the best picture of yourself and establish social proof. Knowing how to use social networking sites to your advantage when looking for job opportunities just might be the deciding factor in getting you an interview. If you’re looking to start a career in IT, then MyComputerCareer is the perfect solution. We offer in-demand certification and career placement that will help you secure a job. For more information, contact us today

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