The Importance of a CompTIA Certification

Certifications reign supreme in today’s IT world. Employers looking to hire or promote need to know the candidate has the necessary skills for the position and a certification offers validated proof of those skills. So how important is a CompTIA certification? It can mean the difference between having the job you go to every day and having the one you dream about every night.

CompTIA, or the Computing Technology Industry Association, is a non-profit trade association. Over the past 20 years, it has issued more than 2 million certifications worldwide on its way to becoming an industry leader in vendor-neutral IT certifications.

Research shows that IT professionals with certifications earn more money than those without. Plus, certifications make you more attractive to employers and hiring managers and will even capture the attention of bots and spiders that crawl resumes to identify viable candidates.  

So if certifications are so important in the IT industry, why not acquire the most credible ones? The CompTIA A+ was named one of the “Best Computer Hardware Certifications” for 2017 by tom’s IT Pro. CompTIA A+ is described as “the granddaddy and best-known of all hardware credentials” that “appears in a great many job postings or advertisements.”

Types of Certifications You Can Get

A CompTIA certification can qualify you for a job as an IT Technical Support Specialist, Field Service Technician, IT Support Technician, IT Support Administrator, Network Administrator, Network Technician, Network Installer, Help Desk Technician, IT Security Specialist, and more.  

CompTIA offers certifications that range from entry level to expert including:

    • IT Fundamentals
    • A+
    • Cloud+
    • CSA+
    • Linux+
    • Network+
    • Project+
    • Security+
    • Server+
    • CASP
    • CDIA+
    • CTT+
    • Cloud Essentials
    • Healthcare IT Technician
  • Social Media Security Professional

CompTIA certifications are perfect for students, educators, employers, government officials, veterans, and of course, IT professionals. You can earn a certification through a self-study plan that grants you the flexibility to work around your own schedule or by learning in a classroom setting with a CompTIA instructor. And you can download a list of objectives and sample questions for your certification exam so you’ll know what to expect on your certification test.

How Can You Get Certified?

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