March 12, 2020

Good Afternoon MyCC Students.  We have a couple of updates for you.  Please visit this site often to stay current!  

Travel Plans

Starting immediately, MyCC has banned all business-related international travel of employees.  As students, if you have any plans to travel outside of the country we ask that you please discuss your plans with your Campus Director so we can provide appropriate guidance about your return.  We ask the same for the personal travel plans of our employees.  

The CDC does not recommend the need for cancellation of domestic travel.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with more updates as the situation evolves.

VA Benefits for our Students in Columbus, Ohio

As you know, the Ohio Governor’s Office has asked for us to transition our students on the Columbus Campus to distance learning. MyComputerCareer’s flexible teaching methodologies along with proactive emergency planning facilitated an immediate transition of all students onto our Live On-Line platform. 

We have been aggressively seeking guidance from the VA to learn how this transition would impact the benefits of our VA funded students.  MyComputerCareer has been in communication with State Approving Agencies and Education Liaison Representatives (ELR) at the VA in order to make sure we have all the information needed to effectively answer any benefits-related questions. At this time, the VA asked that we do not make any changes in reporting attendance for active students temporarily transitioning into distance education courses. This should avoid any disruptions to Basic Housing Allowance benefits at this time. The ELR’s at the VA are scheduled to meet this week to discuss this hot topic in order to provide more clear guidance to us. We do want to advise caution. It is possible that the VA may decide to retroactively reduce benefits to the distance education rate.  

MyComputerCareer will do everything within our control to ensure benefits are not interrupted and will update the veteran population as soon as we have more information.  

If you have additional questions regarding your benefits you can, of course, reach out to your Campus Director, but please keep an eye here on this site where we will be posting information as soon as we have it.  

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