more cyber security workers needed

More Cybersecurity Workers Needed

Reported by CBS – Dallas

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Companies are hiring cyber security students from schools like this one just as soon as they graduate, and still they can’t keep up with demand. They say it takes a virus like this one, spreading across hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe in just days, to understand why more cyber security workers are needed.

Experts called the spread of the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware a pandemic. The malware encrypts your data and demands hundreds of dollars to free it. A way to stop the early version of the malware was only a brief hiccup in the spread of ‘WannaCry’.

Malware works like wack-a-mole, so as soon as you defend and push it down here, it’s going to pop up somewhere else.Cyber security attorney Lori Nugent says “cyber criminals rank even higher than drug dealers on the FBI’s priority list.” Cyber crime is big business. It’s well funded. The people that are perpetuating this are extremely sophisticated and unbelievably talented. The malware is spread as an email attachment and internet security is scrambling to find ways to block it.

MyComputerCareer’s Chief Operations Officer, Dan Pryor, states that “there’s a giant need for security professionals. There’s no question about it. It’s very important that, you know, we continue to have students coming through training programs like ours to have the opportunity to be able to get out there and fill these positions.” The malware pandemic exposes a lack of cyber security experts globally. In the U.S., 203,000 cyber security jobs are vacant right now. Globally, it’s predicted the shortage could reach 1.5 million by 2019.

The best way to protect yourself is don’t open any email attachments you don’t recognize, and if you receive an attachment from someone you know, take a second. Give them a call or text them and ask them, “Is this safe? Did you send it,” before you open it. Reporting live in Arlington, Joel Thomas, CBS 11 news.

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