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Counseling Services Manager Confidentiality Disclosure

MyComputerCareer is concerned about the well-being and academic progress of its students and offers students the opportunity to receive limited counseling services from a third-party provider, McLaughlin Young Group (“Third-Party Counseling Services”). MyComputerCareer has designated an employee, the Counseling Services Manager (“CSM”), to educate students about the Third-Party Counseling Services

The following policies apply to your interaction with the CSM. If you have questions about these policies, please contact the CSM at


The Role of McLaughlin Young Group:

McLaughlin Young Group’s professional counselors are trained to help students with a variety of personal problems. McLaughlin Young Group is solely responsible for providing the Third-Party Counseling Services to you and other MyComputerCareer students. Counselors will work with students who choose to use their services. Counselors have legal and ethical obligations to maintain the confidentiality of your communications with them. Any information the counselor provides to MyComputerCareer about the Third-Party Counseling Services will be de-identified information, meaning that all personally identifiable information is removed (“De-Identified Information”).


The Role of the Counseling Services Manager:

The CSM is an employee of MyComputerCareer and does not offer counseling services to you or any other student. The CSM will educate you about the Third-Party Counseling Services and answer your questions about the processes of counseling and the benefits and risks of seeking counseling. The CSM and MyComputerCareer are not healthcare providers. You will not become a client or patient of the CSM. At no time will the CSM or MyComputerCareer offer counseling, treatment, or therapy to you. Any communications you have with the CSM are not counseling or a counseling session.


If you wish to receive counseling services, you must contact McLaughlin Young Group directly at 800-633-3353.



MyComputerCareer and the CSM will take reasonable measures to ensure the privacy of your communications with the CSM. It is your choice to disclose information about any health, mental health, legal, or financial issues (“Student Issues”) you are experiencing. It is also your choice to disclose any information about your violations of MyComputerCareer policies and procedures (“Violations”).

The CSM will not disclose information about Student Issues or Violations in a way that can be identified with you personally (“Identifiable Information”) unless one of the following applies:

  1. You sign a consent for the CSM to disclose the Identifiable Information to specific people or parties.
  2. Identifiable Information is necessary for MyComputerCareer or the CSM to fulfill a legal obligation.
  3. If you threaten or attempt to commit suicide or otherwise conduct yourself in a manner in which there is a substantial risk of inflicting serious physical harm.
  4. If you threaten serious physical harm to another person.
  5. If the CSM perceives a reasonable suspicion that you or someone else is the perpetrator, observer of, or actual victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse of children under the age of 18 years or an elderly person.
  6. If the CSM perceives a reasonable suspicion that you or someone else is neglecting the care of children under the age of 18 years or an elderly person.


The CSM reserves the right to disclose De-Identified Information that you or McLaughlin Young Group provide to analyze the effectiveness of the Third-Party Counseling Services, improve the Third-Party Counseling Services, to improve the instruction provided by MyComputerCareer, to respond to students’ health and educational needs, fulfill a legal obligation, and for any other legitimate educational purpose.