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When You Think of Career Services, What Comes to Mind?

When you think of Career Services in a traditional sense, what do you think of? Someone sitting behind a desk offering to send you to jobs that either aren’t in your field, or aren’t in line with what you want to do? There’s a big difference between a job, and a career. A true Career Services professional helps you hone in on what’s important to you by helping you build a comprehensive development plan to reach your goals. There are several pieces to this puzzle, but with the right skills and guidance, you can be sure to meet your career aspirations.

  1. Resume Development – How do you build a quality resume that accurately conveys your skills, job experience and education? Maybe you’ve never had to build a resume before. This is where Career Services can help. We can help build a resume that showcases your newly acquired technical skills, industry certifications, and work history to make you as marketable as possible. We will assist in making a concise, easy-to-read, and professional looking resume that will significantly improve you chances of landing an interview.
  2. Networking – From creating a strong LinkedIn profile, to using social events to expand your network, Career Services will help provide helpful tools and tips to mining the field of professional networking. You never know who you might meet that could lead to that next big promotion.
  3. Interview Prep – A popular stat passed around HR departments is that the top 3 most stressful life events are Death, Marriage, and changing jobs. The first step to advancing you career is getting your foot in the door with a professional resume. The next step is knocking the interview out-of-the-park. In this case, we will provide mock interviews and sample questions that you will face in real-world interview situations. The goal is to make sure you can confidently enter an interview with the tools needed to accurately express your newly acquired IT experience.
  4. Placement Assistance – Most schools are only worried about getting you through their degree program. After that, they give you a diploma and wish you luck. With MyComputerCareer, our goal isn’t complete until you are WORKING in the IT field. Career Services offers individualized assistance with job searching and networking with top decision-makers.
  5. On-Site Career Fairs – Each quarter, countless employers from the Columbus market flock to our campus to meet, conduct interviews, and hire the students and recent graduates from MyComputerCareer. By working with over 2,000 companies nationwide, we ensure that our students and graduates are placed with top level employers in new and exciting industries.

So, you see, it’s not just about receiving that piece of paper. At MyComputerCareer, we are dedicated to helping you advance and succeed in a new Information Technology based career. So now that you have the pieces to the puzzle, it’s your turn to make the next move. Are you ready to advance not only your career, but your life as well? We are ready to help.

Meet Our Contributor: Chris Deinlein

Chris Deinlein is an Admissions Advisor at the MyComputerCareer Campus in Columbus, OH. The Admissions team meets with prospective students to support their personal development and career goals, while also guiding them through the enrollment process.  Chris has a strong employment history in recruiting so he knows what employers are looking for and how to help his students showcase themselves effectively to snag the right interviews. Chris really enjoys helping students find careers in the Information Technology field and looks forward to changing lives everyday.

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