MyComputerCareer Scholarship & Grant Opportunities

Explore Ways to Save on Tuition.

Think you have outstanding potential toward a career in IT? Apply for a scholarship or grant opportunity at MyComputerCareer! Tuition assistance programs can provide you with a full scholarship or a reduced education toward an exciting new career.

Are you a veteran or someone with a veteran in your immediate family? Apply for the Scarlett Sunshine Scholarship! This is a full-tuition fund named after a veteran’s late daughter. It’s awarded at the start of each year to two deserving veterans or veteran family members who are highly interested in IT. Applications accepted November 1 – December 31 each year.

Afraid you can’t afford to invest in your future with mounting student loans? You could earn funding with the Education Assistance Grant. Students who qualify for the grant by meeting the criteria could enjoy significant savings, especially when combined with other Federal Financial Aid.