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5 Ways to Calm Those Pre-Interview Nerves Down!

5 Ways to Calm Pre-Interview Nerves Down!

“I’m so nervous’. It’s the one line I’ve heard from every student that I’ve had the chance to talk to or sit with before they had an interview. The problem is, coaxing that nervousness out of them is hard to do since the worst case scenario of the interview going horribly wrong is ingrained in their heads. So, how can you calm those jitters down? Read these five different ways that you can calm your interview jitters down.

  1. Visualize success. Rather than see yourself bombing the interview before it even starts; try visualizing yourself arriving confident, conducting yourself confidently, nailing all the questions confidently, and leaving confidently. All that confidence will do you wonders and you’ll confidently achieve every bit!
  2. Be Prepared. Do your homework before the interview and research the company you are going to interview with. Know their products and services, who the key players in the company are, and have a read of their testimonials and see what their clients think of them. Nothing impresses an interviewer more than when they see that you know what they do and what you can do to add to it.
  3. Find your “Power Pose”. Sit in a chair in front of a mirror and find a pose that makes you not only comfortable, but makes you look powerful and confident, then use that pose when you sit in the chair at the interviewer’s office. Feeling powerful and confident will do wonders for you.
  4. Practice. After using the mirror to find your Power Pose, use it again to rehearse what you would say to an interviewer’s questions. Again, just seeing how you look and how you come across can help you ready yourself to make a good impression.
  5. “Never let them see you sweat.” It was a tagline from a deodorant company years back, but is still prudent today; no matter how tough it may be, never let them see you sweat. Take some time to breathe and relax. Taking time for yourself helps you be yourself, and then they won’t see you sweat…even if you do!

What’s the funniest one I read? Eat a banana. Apparently, musicians do this all the time before a big concert! The tryptophan, potassium and beta-blockers found naturally in bananas calm shaky nerves! So, if all else fails and you’re still feeling nervous, eat a banana!

Meet Our Contributor: Mike Rumble

Mike Rumble works in the Career Services Department at the MyComputerCareer Campus in Raleigh, NC. The Career Services team meets individually with students to support their career development and career goals. Mike enjoys helping students find careers that allow them to express their passions, as well as aiding them in effectively preparing to enter the workforce.

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