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Brice Clements


Current Job Title

Systems Support Specialist

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Jobs Before MyCC

Cable and Internet Installer

Salary Before MyCC


Short Bio

The job was killing me. Working weekends, outside in the rain, heat, cold, in attics, and dealing with angry people all day long. I would drive from job to job, listening to the radio, and would always hear the MyCC commercials. I decided to quit my job, and use my GI bill to go to MyCC.

I had zero back ground in IT, I could use a computer at the most basic level. I made it my goal to get every single certification that MyCC offered.

My current career is literally the job of my dreams. MyCC works exactly like they advertise, from the training, to the support they offer. I cannot praise the staff enough for how professional, helpful, and friendly they are. I would not be where I am today without the help of everyone at MyCC. Thank you so much for making my life better.

Brice's Career Path

Before My Computer Career
Cable Technician
While Studying
Technical Support Specialist
After Graduating
Windows System Administrator
Current Job
Systems Support Specialist
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