At MyComputerCareer, we understand that some of our students are seeking a career change instead of their first job. This means many of our students have other full-time commitments and responsibilities in addition to their IT training.

That’s why our instructors and career service professionals are well-versed in what it takes to be a successful student at MCC. We know how important it is for our students to create a careful work-life-school balance. Here’s a list of resources that can shed some light on how to juggle the responsibilities of school while keeping up with personal and work life, too.

Work-Life-School Balance Means Happiness and Success

U.S. News shares 9 Tips for finding the right work-life-school balance to suit your lifestyle and goals. Tips include using your job to expand your network, tracking your achievements, and adjusting your work schedule to be a little lighter when you start out in a new semester or school.

If you’re wondering if finding a work-life-school balance is even possible, check out this article from Idealist. It acknowledges that working while in school is certainly a challenge, but the article also lays out the advantages of doing so. The main advice from Idealist is to accept that juggling school and work will be a challenging time in your life. If you “go with the flow,” you should end up in a good place.

Looksharp shares five ways to maintain the balance between work, school, and life. Read this blog to learn why keeping an updated schedule, working ahead, sleeping plenty, and prioritizing work and “me time” are advantageous. Even a hard working student has to take breaks.

Once your IT training is complete, you may need to re-examine the balance of your personal life and your focus on work. has 14 steps to help you achieve your best work-life balance, starting with establishing your priorities as you enter the working world as a new IT professional.

IT Training For a Better Life at MyComputerCareer

At MyComputerCareer, our instructors want to help you succeed in your studies, in finding a new career, and in improving your life. We know which certifications are most crucial for your advancement in the IT industry, so you can streamline your education and start your new career faster.

Ready to get started on the school part of your work-life-school balance? Take our free career evaluation now or reach out to us online. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

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