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“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and, most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele

Lucas Goodrich exemplifies how hard work and perseverance rewards you! And at the same time, MyComputerCareer proves their dedication and commitment to changing student’s lives! It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of this month, Lucas was seriously considering dropping from MyComputerCareer’s program. With a new baby on the way and the need to make ends meet for his family, Lucas felt that dropping from the program was his only option. But the MyComputerCareer Columbus Campus Team didn’t give up on Lucas or let Lucas give up on himself and his bright future. The team helped Lucas to see why he should stick it out. With a career fair coming up, the team urged him to attend and network himself to our employer partners.

MyComputerCareer’s Career Services Director, Tricia Mosher, was the driving force in prepping Lucas for the upcoming career fair. Tricia said that when Lucas walked in on the day of the career fair, he was almost unrecognizable! A fresh hair cut and interview-ready attire, Lucas was dedicated to getting everything he could out of this on-campus event. And he most certainly did! Tricia immediately grabbed Lucas and placed him in front of Beau Jones, Recruiter for Black Box (remember the company hiring 125 candidates for the Facebook data center build?). Lucas definitely had a “deer in the headlights” look on his face at the sudden introduction from Tricia, followed by her quick departure, but he immediately launched into selling himself as a candidate. And I am so happy to report some fantastic news….

Finally On Top

Lucas GOT THE JOB with Black Box for his first IT position! He will definitely be staying in school, working towards more certifications and ultimately graduate from MyComputerCareer. A huge congrats to Lucas for persevering through some tough adversity and coming out on TOP!


Based in Holly Springs, North Carolina, MyComputerCareer, Inc. is an innovative adult technical school with courses taught online and at its seven campuses in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Texas. Students who complete MyComputerCareer’s rigorous Information Technology courses may earn up to 13 highly valuable IT Certifications in areas ranging from Operating Systems to Computer Networks and Cyber Security, certificates often required even for those with four-year college degrees. In addition, these courses form the foundation for students interested in obtaining an Associate’s degree from MyComputerCareer.

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