Recent High School Graduate is Already an I.T. Professional!

On the MyComputerCareer Columbus Campus, there is an Instructor named Jason.  Recently, Jason had a very special student enroll into the program. Although, all of our students are special, this one held a  place in Jason’s heart, his very own daughter, Sydney. Sydney is a recent high school graduate and is only 18 years old.  She knew that she wanted to get into I.T. and knew that she wanted to do it through obtaining I.T. certifications.

However, like all Disney movies, every great success story always has its ups and downs. That has been no different for Sydney. When she started the program, Sydney hit the ground running. There are a lot of us out there that can relate. Something new, something exciting and something challenging! She stayed on top of her classroom hours and grades. About halfway through the program, as it came time to start working with Career Services and get her first I.T. position, Sydney became discouraged. She started to question if she could actually do well in the I.T. field and if this was the right path for her.  We see this a lot with students. There is a certain anxiety that can couple the excitement of something new and challenging. It is change and change can be really scary.

But the intimidation of the new challenge didn’t last long. Sydney had an amazing support system. She had her MyCC family! She received multiple pep talks from just about everyone on campus which Sydney simply put “that it lit a fire under her” when it came to job searching. She regained confidence and her journey of job searching began. Just in time too!

Employer of the Year Recruits for Top Company in Columbus, Ohio

One of our employer partners, Beacon Hill Technologies, met with Sydney at one of our on-campus career fairs. When the right role came around, Beacon Hill reached out to connect with Sydney on the progress of her job search so far. Currently, Sydney was working at Wendy’s on the food service side of the house and guess what company Beacon Hill was calling Sydney about??

Ding! ding! Ding! Wendy’s Corporation! Beacon Hill was recruiting for an I.T. Help Desk position for the very same company that Sydney currently worked for. Instead of working in food service, she would be working from their Columbus headquarters supporting their technology needs. Beacon Hill was adamant about interviewing Sydney for this role.  This was exactly what Sydney needed. Along with the campus support, an EMPLOYER was validating, believing and trusting in her I.T. skills that she worked hard to obtain. Sydney interviewed the very next day and…GOT THE JOB!

Sydney will be working for the Wendy’s Corporation supporting their I.T. Help Desk. She is over the moon! This is just the beginning for Sydney and we are wishing her all the best in her new career. We are excited to see where this takes her!

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