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Asking random questions isn’t enough. It’s very important to ask the right questions.

You’re coming face-to-face with the final step of the job hunt: the in-person interview. Aside from dressing appropriately and studying up on potential questions you could be asked, there’s one other crucial element you should be prepping for; you need to plan a few important questions to ask your potential employer.

Interviews are a two-way street. Normally, once you’ve been asked all of the interviewer’s questions, you’ll be given the option to ask a few questions yourself. According to Business Insider, you should never skip this portion of the process. Don’t say “no” when your potential employer asks if you have any questions.

“This makes you look unprepared for the interview, or worse, disinterested in the job or company,” international business speaker Michael Kerr told Business Insider.

Asking random questions isn’t enough. It’s very important to ask the right questions. For specific fields and companies, there may be a few critical questions that can make you really stand out during the interview. Specialized career services programs can help clue you into these effective queries. Because MyComputerCareer assists students in the job-hunting process specifically and has a particular interview coaching program, these IT professionals may have valuable insights about which questions you can ask to set you apart from the pack.

For a more generalized idea of interview questions, here are some of the golden inquiry rules.

While it may be hard to find the perfect questions to ask, it’s relatively easy to ask the wrong question. Here are some of the questions you should avoid during the interview process.

How much will I make?
There’s a time and a place to talk about salary and benefits, but it’s not during the interview, reported.

“Diving right in to questions about salary, benefits, flexible schedules, work-from-home, vacation policy, maternity policy etc. can be off-putting and eliminate you from consideration immediately,” John VanderSande, a consultant at Waltham, Massachusetts, staffing firm Winter, Wyman, told the news source.

Save the inquiries about money and other benefits until after you get a job offer.

How secure is this job?
Similarly, warned against asking about job security. Asking about company stability early in the interview process can make you seem unsure about the position. Moreover, if organization stability is truly a concern, you may want to take your job search elsewhere.

What does this company do?
Any questions too generic should be avoided. Do a fair amount of research before any interview. More basic questions that can be answered with some digging can be a red flag for employers, alerting them that you didn’t study before the interview. Your questions should be thought-provoking and specific, don’t bother with the mundane.

Even without the intensive research, there are a few questions you can ask to impress the hiring manager and also glean some valuable insight about the job.

What have others in this position done to succeed?
You’ve probably discussed the broader responsibilities of the position, but there could be valuable information about particularly successful employees and their work habits that may paint a better picture about the organization. U.S. News & World Report suggested this question can help you understand what is expected of employees and how the company measures success.

How is performance evaluated and how often?
IT Business Edge suggested job seekers should find out how their work will be assessed. If the employer hasn’t discussed this aspect, asking this question can tell you a great deal about the work environment and what your specific responsibilities will be. Moreover, the answer may tell you how to receive a promotion later down the road.

What do you enjoy about working here?
Remember, interviews are two-way streets. Find out a little about the employer while you’re asking the questions. U.S. News & World Report suggested specifically asking about what they enjoy about the company because this can tell you about the work atmosphere. It can be comforting if the manager has a lot of positive things to say. Take note if they struggle to answer you.

If you’re still worried about the job interview process or finding a job in general, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. The professionals at MyComputerCareer center learning around finding a job in the real world. With a capable career services department that covers everything from where you should look for a job to what your resume should look like, you can jumpstart your career in computer technology with help from MyComputerCareer.

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