Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Goals at MyComputerCareer| My Computer Career

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Goals at MyComputerCareer

Ramon decided to take a leap of faith and put all he had into starting a career in I.T. Ramon heard about MyComputerCareer and decided to give it a try, figuring he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ramon began the program with many financial struggles, including getting his car repossessed just one week after starting school.  Ramon says he did not know how he would get to class everyday as campus is a 104 mile distance each week in order for him to attend class and on-campus time that was needed. He was determined and reminded himself daily that quitting was not an option.

After completing his first month, I met with Ramon during the career fair on campus in March. He was eager to find an I.T. job that would help him pay his past due debts and get his car back in his possession, but would also allow him to continue to attend class at night. Ramon and I discussed various I.T. jobs in the area and I was able to call Trent at IPS staffing and set up an interview with him. Ramon called me the next week to let me know that Trent offered him a 3 month contract on the spot!! Ramon began working and paying his debts, including getting his car back within 2 weeks!  While working the contract position, Ramon and I continued to job search, sending his resume to several employers and sending LinkedIn connections to employers as well. Ramon continued to stay focused, maintaining excellent attendance and has been able to obtain each certification as scheduled including passing 4 cert exams in a row!!

Ramon has since finished the 3 month contract and has started a new job as a Server & Network Support Analyst with Androit Partners. Ramon increased his salary from $15 per hour to $20 per hour!!

I recently spoke with Ramon and the HR director of Androit Partners via email, and they are planning to visit our campus in July to speak with our students about I.T. jobs they have available. Ramon ended our conversation by letting me know that he is appreciative of career services and all that MyComputerCareer has done and continues to do for him, and also stated  “I am determined to complete this course with intent to continue to the next level certification focused on cyber security.” Ramon will graduate from MyComputerCareer in November. The sky is the limit for Ramon!

About MyComputerCareer.edu

Based in Holly Springs, North Carolina, MyComputerCareer, Inc. is an innovative adult technical school with courses taught online and at its seven campuses in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Texas. Students who complete MyComputerCareer’s rigorous Information Technology courses may earn up to 13 highly valuable I.T. Certifications in areas ranging from Operating Systems to Computer Networks and Cyber Security, certificates often required even for those with four-year college degrees. In addition, these courses form the foundation for students interested in obtaining an Associate’s degree from MyComputerCareer.

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Anita Richburg was born in Virginia but moved to North Carolina in 2011 to raise her family. Anita began working for MyCC in April of 2016 and is passionate about helping students achieve their dreams of obtaining an I.T. career. Anita earned a bachelors degree in Social Work from Radford University and she has several years of experience in Employment Counseling, Career Coaching, Career Development Training, and Recruiting. Anita also holds a Master Military Resume Writer Certification. Anita enjoys spending time with family, exercising outdoors, and discovering new plant based recipes.
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