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Meet Scheena Juneau. A MyComputerCareer Graduate from our Houston Campus.

This is her story.

I had been laid off from work for 3-4 months in the construction industry and I had been hearing the radio commercials for years and thought, “maybe someday”. The only thing that was holding me back, was the fact that I didn’t feel as computer savvy as the folks you see on TV, or even some of my friends who knew how to program. I could do quick fixes and such but nothing major. I never really knew where to go to get official training on how to work on computers.

Then life through another gut-wrenching punch. My husband of eight years asked for a divorce while I was still unemployed. Even worse, my unemployment checks were about to run out. He was the one that actually suggested to me that maybe I needed to switch industries so I could be more financially stable after we split up. I figured why not, nothing left to lose. Went online to the MyComputerCareer website and took the evaluation.

When I arrived at the Houston campus, it was great from the start. Everyone was so nice and friendly. It felt very welcoming even though they knew I had no experience in this field. They were okay with that. The staff answered all of my questions and explained how MyComputerCareer could help me gain the knowledge and certifications I needed to finally achieve the stable and successful career I had been looking for. That’s when I decided that this was the school for me.

After a few months of attending school and getting the certifications I needed, the Career Services team informed me about a short-term contract that would be great for someone like me, who needed the experience and to apply my skills in-field. With their help, we polished up my resume and applied for the position. A few days later I had landed my first official IT job, which helped me tremendously in getting my next job when the contract ended.

During this whole experience, life kept throwing hurdles my way and the instructors and other staff kept me on track with my school work. They even helped me out on a personal and emotional level whether they knew it or not. There were days where I felt like giving up, many days I didn’t want to even get out of bed but the drive to see this through and to show my kids that no matter what happens in life that you can keep moving forward, helped me to succeed. When they would struggle or not want to get out of bed and go to school, I would remind them that I was going to school too. When they had a hard time with doing homework and taking tests, I showed them I was working on that too. They soon realized that they had to keep going. they soon realized that we all had to keep working hard for that better future.

I am now employed in a IT position where I am helping out students who are going through all sorts of struggles just like I did and are trying to change their lives for the better. It makes me feel really good when I can encourage them and watch them succeed just like I did.

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