One of my favorite quotes from the great Winston Churchill ends with the words, “Never yield to force; never yield to the overwhelming might of the enemy.” This quote, describes James Weidner…and you’ll see exactly why.

In 2007, James lost his job as a Database Analyst. He had been doing that position for almost 15 years, working mostly on federal contracts. He spent the next few years working jobs he really didn’t like, but did because he had a family to provide for. He refused to give up. He heard the MyComputerCareer radio commercials every day and thought about making the call, but didn’t. He made every effort to get back into a Database Analyst job, with no luck. He finally made the call for an evaluation and enrolled thinking it would be his final shot at an IT career. He knew it wouldn’t be easy…but he refused to give up.

Even after graduation, James had plenty of interviews, but nothing worked out. I started working with him just before the Christmas break.  Job searching hasn’t been easy but James never lost his enthusiasm…he refused to give up. Then he got an interview with MyComputerCareer for a Technical Mentor position. In the months we’d been working together, I’ve never heard James as excited as he was for this opportunity. Finally, after months of trying, he got the interview and then the position as a Technical Mentor.

Of his MyCC experience, here is what James said, “Going back to school had negative and positive impacts on me and the family.  The negative was the time I would be focusing on school work and missing out on family time.  However, that was a short term sacrifice. On the positive side:  It showed my daughters, ages of 17 and 21 at the time, that hard work, dedication and focus does pay off.   In addition, it also emphasized the notion to never give up. I didn’t pass all my certifications the first time.  I think it was good for my girls to see me struggle along the way. Ultimately they learned that perseverance is the key to success.”

His future plan is to eventually work his way into a full-time instructor position. James would probably scoff at me for comparing him to Churchill, but they do have at least one thing in common: they never gave up.

About the Author

Mike joined MyComputerCareer in October 2017  and is currently working as a Career Services Specialist for the Raleigh Campus. Mike enjoys helping students find careers that allow them to express their passions, as well as aiding them in effectively preparing to enter the workforce. Outside of  MyComputerCareer, Mike is a theatre volunteer and stage actor who has performed in several productions around the area, and is also a writer and blogger who has had one of his stories published in the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada.