Most Important Job Interview Questions for IT Pros

Job interviews. They’re beginning to stack up because you’ve finished your certification(s) after passing all necessary exams. Feeling qualified and confident, it’s time to start thinking about questions hiring managers will ask to see you demonstrate those newfound mastery of skills.

So, as a resource to help you with job interview preparation, here are some of the most common job interview questions for various IT positions.

Note that there aren’t answers to these questions. That’s because your expertise, manner of communicating, and perspective are absolutely important for the the interview. Plus, you’ll be better prepared!

Important Job Interview Questions for Leading IT Positions


Here are a few questions that most hiring managers will ask Help Desk applicants; however, these may be utilized for a number of entry-level jobs.

What is Active Directory?
What does DHCP stand for?
What is TCP/IP and what does it represent?
What are the 3 primary classes of an IP network?
Can you explain what a Class D IP Address is?
What is OSPF?
A user complains about delays when using the network. How do you respond?


You may notice some questions are asked across various positions in IT. These are the few that we believe are the most important for which to prepare.

Explain the difference between layer 2 and layer 3 in the OSI model.
Describe how a hub, switch, and router work.
What is a VLAN?
How do you determine if you are having a DNS issue or network issue?
What is a broadcast storm?
How do you set a default route on an IOS Cisco router?
Describe a TCP connection sequence.
What other TCP setting can you modify besides MTU to shorten packets?

Questions for these positions are a bit more robust and difficult. A Systems Admin should be able to recite the answers in their sleep, so there’s no need to fret.

What is the subnet for a Class C network?
Have you configured an NIS server/client? If yes, describe what you did.
Have you configured an NFS server?
Explain what RAID 1 and RAID 5 are.
What must you do to an AD forest before Exchange can be deployed?
Please explain the connector type you would use to connect to the Internet, as well as two methods of sending mail over that connector.
List the standard port numbers for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, RPC, LDAP, and Global Catalog.
What are the disadvantages of circular logging?
What is Active Directory schema?
What is IPv6?
Describe the default protocol used in directory services.
What is multimaster replication/
Which command must you use to remove active directory from a domain controller?

Job Interview Tips for Common HR Questions

If you’ve previously interview for a job, then you know hiring managers ask more than knowledge-related questions. They want to get to know you: your ambition, how you react in certain situations, what you can contribute toward the company, and much more.

Here are some typical questions asked during the interview and some insight about how to best address them in your reply.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Tip for Answering: Focus on how you will positively influence the company’s bottom line. What can you do in this role to achieve progress for them, as well as how you will refine your skills. Think about what you’d like to strengthen and how/if you’d like to take on a leadership role.

Why should we hire you?

Tip for Answering: Explain not only how you meet the criteria they listed in the job description, also address the two or three additional skills they may not even realize they need (yet). This is your opportunity to create a value proposition for yourself as an employee.

Why do you want to work here?

It’s important that you talk about the importance of culture at a business and how the company with whom you’re interviewing meets those aspirations. Have some insight, if possible, about what makes current employees happy to work there (perhaps a little research). You must also make sure that you’re being genuine in what you say. Deception is never your friend.

What is your greatest strength / greatest weakness?

While you may have a number of strengths, choose one that you believe will help them the most. And though you’ll want to turn the weakness question into something you think they want to hear (“Oh, my greatest weakness is that I work too much.”), honesty is invaluable. They know you’re not perfect, so think of something that you’d like to improve.

Here’s the bottom line …

Even if you’re asked a standard, “boring” job interview question, you can furnish a really unique and insightful answer that differentiates you from the other candidates. After all, that is the objective for every interview.

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