Picture it.  The year is 1998. Commencement day at Texas A&M University.  A young woman named Anastasia Wilson graduates with honors – she even made the Dean’s list a time or two.  I can only imagine her excitement as she walks across the stage, shakes the hands of the university’s president and the Dean of her program, as she receives her newly minted degree – a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.  I imagine she was filled with anticipation that the many, many hours, weeks, months and years were finally about to pay off!

Picture it. The year is 2017.  Now a student at MyComputerCareer, Anastasia was eager for success.  I came across the resume of Anastasia Combs, nee Wilson.  It provided a bit of insight into her professional journey – almost 20 years post-university graduation.  What I read wasn’t uncommon.  Student earned bachelor degree.  Student takes a “job” with every intention of eventually moving into their field of study.  Life happens. Marriage and other familial obligations take precedence.  Student acquire one promotion after another.  The “job” becomes the career.

When I phoned Anastasia, I found that she was still with the “job” at Greyhound, Inc. which had become her career.  Although she had risen the ranks, the dream of an IT career never ceased.  I recall her sharing that she had submitted to hundreds of positions and always responded with “appreciation for being considered” to the few employers who sent notification that her application was no longer under consideration.  With the earnest of someone who was determined to succeed, Anastasia said, “Ms. Downs, all I need is a chance to interview and I will get the job!”   Anastasia made it extremely clear that, although not preferred, she would be willing to take a small salary reduction to get her foot into the door.

And, true to her word, the first interview she had, in February, went so well that she was called back for a second interview aside three other candidates.  She crushed it!  After providing adequate notice to her long-standing employer she is now the in-house IT Systems Support Specialist for a Real Estate/home building firm.  Her journey was long but perseverance and ambition helped in keeping an eye on her ultimate career goal.

During my check-in to see how she was faring a few weeks ago, her new company was in the midst of a relocation move and Anastasia had her hands full with coordinating the IT side of the process.  She shared that she is extremely happy now that she is working in her ideal field!

Meet the Author : Cynthia Downs

Cynthia came to MyComputerCareer in October 2014, after relocating back to the US, in order to reside in North Carolina whilst my daughter attended college at Campbell University.  Cynthia worked as a professor of Social Work in the UNC system, prior to residing in London, England for nearly a decade.  During her time in London, Cynthia developed and led the Professional Development Services unit for one of England’s largest privately-held recruitment agencies which catered to the public sector – health and social care.  In her free time, Cynthia loves the literary arts and traveling.

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