It’s no secret that tech jobs are in high demand or that their compensation is extremely competitive. A part of that competitiveness comes from how challenging the work can be, as well as the professional progress that can be enjoyed. Fortunately, those are the two leading factors that people identified for job satisfaction.

Many people in the workforce are wanting to take their careers in the right direction. That’s why it may be time to look into some of the tech jobs that are not only in the highest demand, but are also the highest paying.

10 Tech Jobs in Highest Demand

  1. Sales Engineer

When salespeople need someone to talk to a potential client, they always turn to a sales engineer. The sales engineer is able to ensure all the client’s needs will be met, and can explain some of the more technical aspects of a service or product.

  1. Software Engineer

The duties of a software engineer can vary greatly, which is why almost every company is in search for one. A software engineer, simply put, programs software. This means his or her days can consist of building complicated software to sell to other businesses or creating apps that are used by fellow employees in-house.

  1. Database Administrator

While the title may not sound exciting, the database administrator holds one of the most important positions in a company. A company’s lifeblood is its data, so it is important to keep it clean and in proper formatting. This job would entail keeping track of inventory, transactions, customer information, and the different types of software used by the company.

  1. Security Engineer

Just as the database administrator is important for tracking clean data, the security engineer is important for keeping that data safe. Securing the company’s network and keeping track of potential threats is all in a day’s work of a security engineer.

  1. Data Scientist

According to Business Insider, “A data scientist is a super hot field right now.” This is because as more and more companies begin to rely heavily on the data it collects about its customers, the more individuals they need to hire to analyze this data.

  1. IT Manager

One of the most common IT positions, an IT Manager runs a company’s entire technology framework. An IT manager oversees all troubleshooting of problems and maintains the current technology in the office, but he or she is also responsible for staying up-to-date on the latest technology. This ensures that the company always has what it needs in-house in order to perform tasks in the most efficient manner.

  1. Software Development Manager

If a person excels at software development, then he or she may just move up into the position of software development manager. So, not only would this individual be creating software programs and apps, but he or she would also oversee other projects being worked on by the team.

  1. Software Architect

As one of the higher paying IT positions, software architect is a sought after position. It takes software engineering to the next level and requires creating extremely complex programs. Specialized knowledge is required for this position, and the compensation generally reflects that.

  1. Systems Manager

Systems managers wear many hats and, therefore, are necessary to the well-being of a company. This job description includes taking inventory of all hardware, but also requires capacity monitoring. It also requires anti-virus management along with storage management.

  1. Data Architect

A person who is handy with a computer and also has a head for number is the perfect candidate for a data architect position.

IT has come a long way from the days when one computer, that could only handle simple calculations, took up several rooms. Technology has grown along with the need for specialized professionals.

However, knowing where to look for these positions and what to look for is just one part of the job hunt. A successful candidate also needs to knowledge to land him or her the gig.

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